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Most likely the US Army.

2007-04-04 05:16:42
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Vietnam is a nation of what?

Vietnam is a communist nation.

Who did Vietnam fight with?

The nation of Vietnam came into existence in 1975 (on paper in 1976). So are you asking about that Vietnam or the Vietnam War? There was no nation called "Vietnam" during the Vietnam War.

Differences between Vietnam and the US?

The US is an industrialized based nation, whereas Vietnam is an agricultural nation.

Is Vietnam a united nation?

Formally it was two nations: North and South Vietnam. Yes, today it is one unified country (nation)...called Vietnam.

How is Vietnam different from the US?

Vietnam is a communist nation; the US is not.

Is Vietnam in thialand?

Thailand is a separate nation west of Vietnam.

Is North Vietnam and South Vietnam one nation?


Is Vietnam a nation state?


What was the nation like after the Vietnam War?

VN was one nation.

Did Vietnam beat US in the Vietnam war?

The US has never fought with a nation called "Vietnam."

In 1975 south Vietnam became what?

. . . a non-existent nation (Vietnam) .

What nation bordered both South Vietnam and North Vietnam?


What is the smartest nation in the world?


Vietnam is now a nation?


When did Vietnam became a divided nation?

It became a divided nation in 1954.

Who did the US help gain control of the southern part of Vietnam?

South Vietnam was already a sovereign nation by the time the US entered the nation. Its title was the "Republic of South Vietnam."

What happened to Vietnam after the war ended?

North Vietnam won the war, creating one nation...VIETNAM.

Which nation was most threatened by the strategy Nixon chose to end the Vietnam?

South Vietnam

What were the lasting results of the Vietnam war for Vietnam?

One nation instead of two.

Is Vietnam still a communist nation today?

Yes Vietnam is still a communist nation. Along with China, North Korea, Laos, and Cuba

Who won war us or vitietnam?

The nation (country) of Vietnam didn't exist during the Vietnam War. Nor was any nation called "Vietnam" fighting the US. There was a country called North Vietnam that defeated the Republic of South Vietnam in 1975. The US was allied to the RVN (Republic of South Vietnam).

What island nation is east of Vietnam?


When did Vietnam become a communist nation?


Is Vietnam a US alley?

It is a communist nation.

What nation controlled Vietnam?

New Zealand