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People moved from villages to cities.
It was nor more nomads

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What is the answer for what characterized the old stone age the middle stone age and the new stone age?

The old stone age was characterized by not having tools. The middle stone was characterized by having invented tools. The new stone age was characterized by farming and having better tools.

What changes characterized the new stone age?

they would have to move because of the weather conditions

What characterized the old stone age the middle stone age and the new stone age?

The old Stone Age is characterized by the first use of stone tools and a nomadic, hunter-gatherer lifestyle. The middle Stone Age is characterized by the beginning of the societal shift from nomadic to agrarian. The new Stone Age, or the Neolithic period is characterized by an agrarian lifestyle and the first domestication of plants and animals.

What age followed the stone age?

The Stone Age was followed by the Bronze Age. The time period was characterized by the use of bronze for tools and other implements.

What is known as the new stone age?

Which of the following is known as the New Stone Age

True or false the discovery of metals and the development of metalworking mark the beginning of the new stone age?

False, it marked the beginning of the Bronze Age and later, the Iron Age. There is no "new" Stone Age. There was only 'The' Stone Age, which was largely characterized by man's use of stone tools.

What characterized the middle stone age?

The Middle Stone Age or the Mesolithic Era took place beginning about 9000 BC. It was characterized by new forms of weaponry, such as new gluing techniques, the formation of colors in art forms, and beads.

What was the impact of Neolithic pottery and the invention of the potters wheel on human history?

the latest period of the stone age characterized by polished stone implements which brought us to what we have today

What characterized hawks in Vietnam war?

Attitude(s): "Bomb them back into the stone age...(with B52s)", General Curtis Lemay.

What came first the stone age or the bronze age?

Stone Age came first and then Stone Age tribes discovered copper and tin.

China's Golden Age is characterized by?

China's Golden Age is characterized by stunning development and innovation.

How does Mesolithic differ from Neolithic?

They are two different time periods. "Meso" means middle, so Mesolithic was the middle stone age, and "Neo" means new, so Neolithic was the newer or more recent (younger) stone age. They are characterized by different methods of working stone into tools.

What was the geography and climate in the old stone age?

Very similars to todays, there has been no significant changes.

Which of these was the earliest -the Stone or they Bronze Age?

Of the Stone Age and the Bronze Age, the one that was the earliest was the Stone Age. The Stone Age occurred first followed by the Bronze Age and then the Iron Age.

How do you describe the bronze age?

A period in the history of humankind, following the Stone Age and preceding the Iron Age, during which bronze weapons and implements were used.

Are two parts of the Stone Age the Old Stone Age and the Prehistoric Stone Age?

All of the Stone Age was prehistoric. When it is divided into two parts they are the Old Stone Age (Paleolithic) and the new Stone Age (Neolithic).

Were the two parts of the stone age the old stone age and the prehistoric stone age?

There's actually three parts to the Stone Age. There's the Old Stone Age, the Middle Stone Age, and the New Stone Age. To learn more about them you can Google them, there actually pretty interesting!

Old stone age vs new stone age?

the old stone age had less technology

Why is London changing?

Everywhere changes over time, otherwise we would all be living in the stone age.

How are the new stone age the old stone age different?

old stone age is old.new stone age is new.Your Welcome.

What are the stages of stone age?

The new stone age is Neolithic, the middle stone age is Mesolithic, and the old stone age is called Paleolithic.

Into what two parts is the Stone Age divided?

the Old Stone Age, or Paleolithic Age, and the New Stone Age, orNeolithic Age.

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