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Q: Which of the leadership paradigms does the US army embraces?
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Which of the leadership paradigms does the us army embrace?


What is Fourth US Army's motto?

Fourth United States Army's motto is 'Leadership And Integrity'.

A national association of farmers which started shortly after the US army under the leadership of?


At the battle of the Little Bighorn the Sioux Indians defeated the US Army under the leadership of who?

George Custer

Why does the US Army exist?

To serve the American people, protect enduring national interests, and fulfill the Nation's military requirements. (FM 6-22, Army Leadership)

At the battle little bighorn the Sioux Indians defeated the us army under the leadership of?

General George Armstrong Custer

Why does America need to recruit Afghan soldiers to help the US to leave Afghanistan?

The US Army is in Afghanistan primarily to establish stability in the country. In order for the US Army to leave, the US leadership needs to believe that the stability will endure post-withdrawal. As a result, an Afghan Army would need to take the place of the US Army maintaining security. As a result, recruiting said soldiers is a high priority.

What is specialist fourth class?

A specialist fourth class' or spec four is a person in a "technical job" not a leadership position in the US Army. This person is an E-4. A leadership position E-4 is a Corporal.

What causes a change in political leadership in the US?

Voting changed political leadership in the us

What was the major weakness of the Army of the James in 1864?

The Union's Army of the James was given a key task by General US Grant in 1864. As part of Grant's Overland campaign, the Army of the James was to land on the Virginia coast and destroy Southern railroads and capture either Petersburg or Richmond. The leadership of this army was the key weakness. General Butler had been a political appointee and the two major divisions of his army were USMA engineers but had no real leadership experience.

What West Point graduate was known for his victory at Vicksburg in 1863 and his leadership over the Union Army during the latter half of the war?

US Grant

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