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Which of these is an example of rank order?


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arranging a number from least to greatest

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Hierarchical means arranged in order of rank. For example, the military is hierarchical.

What was the rank order of massachusetts in admission into the u.s

Normal rank, super rank, master rank, idk which order, so do a contest yourself and find out!!!

my dad is fromAzerbaijan (Soviet Union),and his rank is higer than Major(Ministry of Internal Affairs). I dont know how it would be in British rank. do u know?

Low or lower in order, degree, or rank:....... Captain is an inferior rank to major

Yes it is. It is an ordinal variable ( which means it is meaningful ) because rank has an order and it is meaningful to rank the soldiers.

What are you trying to ask when asking this question, Ie. rank

Arranged in order of rank.

When referring to the rank and file as a noun, no. For example: "The rank and file defied union leadership." However when used as an adjective or a modifier, then yes. "He needs rank-and-file support."

Order of the Arrow is not a rank. It is a secret organization within the Boy Scouts of America.

No, because subordinate means placed in or belonging to a lower order or rank. If you were a boss, you would not be placed or belong in a lower order or rank.

class, order, rank, status, stratum, social order

to put something in order

An archbishop had superior rank over a bishop but notsuperiority of order. They have similar jobs and tasks to bishops for example levied taxes and settled on issues such as divorce.

You can use the RANK function. Put all your numbers into a column. They can be in any order. In the cell beside the first number enter the RANK function. It specifies the cell you want to rank, the list of values that it is being ranked out of, and optionally whether you want to rank it in ascending or descending order. Say your full list of values are in the cells from A2 to A15. In cell B2 you could enter the following formula to find where the value in A2 ranks overall: =RANK(A2,A2:A15) If, as is likely, you want to copy that down for all values, you need to absolute the list of values, so the formula would be like this: =RANK(A2,$A$2:$A$15) If use the order option and it is 0 (zero) or omitted, it ranks the number as if it were a list in descending order. This is the most common way of doing it. If order is any nonzero value, it is treated as if it were a list sorted in ascending order. It is omitted in the above example. If included you could have something like: =RANK(A2,$A$2:$A$15,1)

You should atleast gain a rank better than 6000 to get in to the iit sciences.

To get a new contributor rank, you must contribute more to the WikiAnswers community. For example, to get the Bronze contributor rank you must make at least 500 contributions.

Units of cabinet rank are called Secretary of. For example, you have Secretary of State, Secretary of the Treasury, and Secretary of Defense.

it was for the want of an order, of rank especially in society.

It was the 21st State to join the Union.

It will tell you the place of a value in a range. You can use the RANK function to find the rank of a number amongst other numbers. To find the rank of the value in cell C5 amongst the cells from C2 to C30, you would do it like this: =RANK(C5,C2:C30) Say you have a range of values in cells A2 to A20. In cell B2 you could enter the following formula: =RANK(A2,A$2:A$20) Then copy the formula down to B20. The numbers in column B will be the ranking position of the corresponding figures in column A. This will rank things in descending order. To rank in ascending order you would add an extra argument to the function. If it is not zero, it will do it in descending order. =RANK(A2,A$2:A$20,1)

It can be, with two separate meanings: 1. having a strong or offensive odor (e.g. rank refuse) 2. utter or complete (a rank amateur) The word rank as a noun is a position or standing (notably military rank), and the noun can mean to arrange or list in order (e.g. to rank the men by age).

I would rank them in order of importance to the job you are applying for. Look at the skills you want to highlight and match your achievements to them.

I think you have to play in ranked matches in order to "rank up" but to do that you must be a member

In order to get rank 2 in Lego Create and Share you must defeat the evil snowmen.

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