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which party fell apart largely over disputes about slavery?

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Q: Which party fell apart largely over disputes about slavery?
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Over what issue did the Democratic Party break apart in 1860?

The Democratic Party broke apart in 1860 over the issue of slavery.

What was the new political party that apposed slavery created prior to the civil war?

When the Whig Party fell apart, it gave birth to the new political party called the Republicans. This part of the former Whig party was in favor for the abolishment of slavery.

What is the origin of the Republican Party?

The Republican Party was founded in 1854 in opposition to slavery's extension into the Western territories, advocating for a more anti-slavery stance. It emerged as a major political force in the 1860 election when Abraham Lincoln was elected as the first Republican president of the United States.

Following the Mexican-American War which issue broke party unity and divided Congress largely along sectional lines?

The extension of slavery into territories acquired from mexico

What caused the Whig Party to die out?

The Kansas-Nebraska Act is said to be the cause of the Whig Party to dissolve. The Whigs had previously united the battling interest groups in the North and the South. Southern Democrats and Northern Democrats also split apart. As many southerners and northerners could no longer use the Whigs as a uniting party, the Whigs fell apart.

Was Republican Party pro slavery or anti slavery?

The Republican Party was and still is anti slavery. Abraham Lincoln, the president that ended slavery, was a Republican. The Democrat Party supported slavery. Many that fought, fought to defend their state regardless of their views on slavery.

What political party was dedicated to stopping the expansion of slavery?

The Liberty Party called for an end to slavery. The Liberty Party became the Republican Party.

What were the disputes between and japan?

It entirely depends on who the other party is.

What was the Republican Party position on slavery?

it opposed slavery.

Who disputes a criminal action in court?

The charged party disputes the criminal action by pleading "not guilty" to the charges. The prosecution bears the burden of proving that the charged party is guilty of a criminal offense. The charged party is not required to "prove" innocence.

What Political Party that advocated the abolition of slavery and was a precursor to the Republican Party?

the republican party abolished slavery and it was created from former members of the wig party the free soil party and the democrat party

What best describes the Free-Soil Party's view of slavery?

The Free-Soil party take a moderate view on slavery, throughout the history of the party there has been many disagreements on slavery. However it is now seen that the Free-Soil Party are in favour of slavery. Hope I helped!