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Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP), Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Communist Party of India (CPI), Indian National congress (INC) are the famous parties in Rajasthan.
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Capital of rajasthan?

The charmingly beautiful city Jaipur is thecapital of Rajasthan . Jaipur is also known as the Pink City , due to the majority of building in Pinkcolor, following the old tradition.

Who is the Chief Minister of Rajasthan?

After securing majority in 2013 assembly election, VasundharaRaje of the Bharatiya Janata Party is the incumbent ChiefMinister.

Is Ajmer in Rajasthan?

Yes, Ajmer is in Rajasthan but its famous for the bharma jee's mandir , which one and only in the whole world . its not famous for golden temple , golden temple is situated in amritsar pabjub ,

When does it rain in rajasthan?

Rajasthan receives most of its rain in the monsoon months of June, July, August and September.

Why the houses in Rajasthan have flat roofs?

There is very scanty rainfall in Rajasthan. There are flat roofs so that even if there is some rainfall, the water can be collected in the roof.

What is the area of Rajasthan?

Rajasthan is the largest state in India. It measures 342,269 km 2 or 132,150.8 sq mi. It is in the country's northwest and has a population of over 68 million.

Where is rajasthan in India?

Rajasthan starts from the centre of India and extends towards the western part of Indian sub-continent. To reach Rajasthan one can catch a flight from any city to Jaipur-The capital of Rajasthan state. Places to visit in rajasthan- Udaipur,Jaisalmer,Jaipur,Bikaner etc.

Top rmat college in rajasthan?

the top coll of jaipur r podar, iiim,plz dont take admision in maism,iilm,and any other fake insitute Toll Free Number-18002003922 RPET Code- 38 Compucom Institute of Technology and Management(CITM) is one of the best colleges in Jaipur,which is situated in Sitapura Jaipur. CITM Provides f ( Full Answer )

How do the people of Rajasthan wash their utensils?

The people of Rajastan wash their utensils with the help of ash, water and sand because while washing the utensils made up of copper it consumes less water to wash the utensils with ash ,sand and water. The ash does the work of the soap.

Why is rajasthan refer as rangeelo rajasthan?

Colors make people to get easily attracted.Rajasthan, is referred to as rangeelo Rajasthan mainly because ofthe colorful nature of the entire state. The fairs and festivalthat is celebrated in each and every state of Rajasthan has lots ofvariations in its colorful and ambient behavior in nature.

Auto lpg is available in rajasthan?

the auto lpg in rajasthan isn't the best of quality but is very cheap. many of the pumps in rajasthan have dead rats, dogs and has many amputated limbs in the well of the pipes, this means that the lpg is good. i hope this is of help.

What is the food of rajasthan?

1) common bread - Baajri ki roti , makki ki roti, wheat roti 2) subji's( side dish / curry) - gatte ki subji, ker sangri ki subji, daal etc 3) specialities - Daal , baat and churama.

What are the types of soil in Rajasthan?

The soil type in Rajasthan varies with region. Central andnorthwestern Rajasthan has sandy soil, with a 3 to 9 percent clayscattered throughout. Black, well-drained soil is located in thesoutheast. South Central Rajasthan has a mixture of red clay andblack soil.

List of oil fields in rajasthan?

The Basin is Jaisalmer Basin. Sub-basins are: Bikaner-Nagaur Sub-basin and Barmer sub-basin. The oilfields are: Ramgarh Mangla Dongewala Manewala Mandawala Barmer Kalibar

Why is aravalli range of rajasthan important?

1.its the oldest mountain range,thus has a heritage value. 2.aravali range helps in cutting of sandstone. 3.vegetation here helps in formation of clouds over the desertic plains 4.it is very rich in minerals. 5.its a source of rajasthani granite,marble and sandstone. :)

What is the festial of rajasthan?

Rajasthan is famous for all the features it alsoincludes the festivals such as Brij festival, Desert festival, Thecamel festival, Elephant festival, Teej festival, Gangaur festival,Nagaur fair, Marwar festival etc. something like this.. http://tirupatiholidays.net/rajasthan-festival.htm

Is bank of rajasthan a schedule bank?

Yes, Bank of Rajasthan is a Scheduled private bank as per the Reserve Bank of India regulations and is authorized to provide banking services in India. It was classified as a Scheduled Bank in the year 1948

Which is the longest highway in rajasthan?

RJ SH1 - 441.40 Km . Jhalawar to Mathura via Jhalrapatan , Khandiya Choraha, Baran , Mangrol , Itawah , Laban, Lakheri, Indergarh, Sawai Madhopur , Bhadoti, Gangapur , Hindaun , Bayana , Bharatpur .

Why rajasthan does not receive rainfall?

Rajasthan do not recieve rainfall in monsoon because Aravali Range is situated parallel to monsoon winds and hence winds do not strike with aravali and not bring rainfall.

What is Rajasthan biodiversity?

Biodiversity denotes the amount of natural resources of the floraand fauna. Rajasthan is a state that has the best diversity amongthe other states and rich addition of flora and fauna.

Is goa in rajasthan?

No Goa is not in Rajasthan . Goais a separate state which is located in the middle coast line ofIndia. Goa consists of several beaches and is an ideal location for Traveling and Touring .

What is Blood Bank in Vodafone Rajasthan?

For donor registration, send: DONATE (city code) (Bloodgroup) (name) to 111.Eg: For group AB+ in Jaipur type DONATE 0141 AB Suresh, For group AB- in Jaipur type DONATE 0141 AB- Suresh. For blood request, send: BREQ (city code) (Bloodgroup) to 111.Eg: For group AB+ in Jaipur type BREQ 0141 AB, For gr ( Full Answer )

What is the area of Rajasthan India?

The state of Rajasthan covers 342,269 km 2 , which is more than 10% of the entire nation of India, by land area.

How many constituncies are there in Rajasthan?

There are in total 25 constituencies in Rajasthan. The list is as below: Constituencies in Rajasthan 1 - Ganganagar 2 - Bikaner 3 - Churu 4 - Jhunjhunu 5 - Sikar 6 - Jaipur Rural 7 - Jaipur 8 - Alwar 9 - Bharatpur 10 - Karauli-dholpur 11 - Dausa 12 - Tonk-sawai Madhopur 13 - Ajmer 14 - ( Full Answer )

Who is Cyber Crime expert in Rajasthan?

Mr. Mukesh Choudhary is a Cyber Crime expert in Rajasthan. He has helped Jaipur Police and currently is working on the cases of Army Intelligence as well. See the links below for the agencies involved and training for the future.

How perinial rajasthan canal helps the rajasthan?

Since the state of Rajasthan has moretemperature in the climatic and hotness in the desert region, theperennial canal water and the river resources helps to some extendin helping to make very good resources for water..

Why does Rajasthan have no rainfall?

The reason why there is no rainfall in Rajasthan because the Alavari Range is parallel to the south-west wind which comes from Arabian sea with moisture.Due to the parallel figure of alavari range the south-west wind doesn't meet with it to shade rainfall in Rajasthan.

Are bison found in Rajasthan?

No. Asian water buffalo are, and water buffalo are not bison. Bison are only found in North America; they used to be found in natural populations in Europe, but never Asia.

How do you say hello how are you in rajasthan?

Well first you have to travel from where you live now to Rājasthān. Then once you get there go up to someone and say "hello how are you". English is an official language in India so they should understand you.

Why is rajasthan a tourist spot?

The reason for more tourism in Rajasthan is due to . aravalli ranges . forts in Japura . handicrafts . shopping

Why is Rajasthan hot?

Since few of the region and districts are present in the hot desertregion, the hot wind is mixed up with the air and transferredtowards all the entire districts. This is the reason why Rajasthanis hot.

What is the fruit of rajasthan?

Mango is considered as the state fruit of Rajasthan . Even though many other fruits areyielded in Rajasthan mango has more prominence in this state and itis also considered as the state fruits.

What is the main food eaten in rajasthan?

Most Rajasthani food contain Gram Flour (Besan) . So basically if you use gram flour as a main ingredient, it has a quality of rajasthani food. Hope this helps! ;)

Why is do you refer to rajasthan as rangeelo rajasthan?

Rajasthan is the only state in Indian that is more colorful mainlybecause of its fairly colorful fairs and festival. Rangeelo heremeans highly colorful. The regions which are more colorful inbetween the desert makes more interesting feature for the peoplewho travel to this desert state. See the rela ( Full Answer )

Why Rajasthan gets the lowest rainfall?

Rajasthan receives less rainfall because it is a desert region and besides aravalli range lies parallel to the rain bearing monsoon winds and doesn't have any mountain that can obstruct these winds..