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Which phone do you think i should get the lg rumor lg shine or the samsung instinct?

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June 29, 2009 5:33PM

Well first off which carrier do you have? I just got the

Instinct through Sprint and I love it. A couple of my friends have

the Rumor and the say that they are not very good, they cut off

sometimes while talking.......But I guess it is just personal

preference!!!!!! Instinct= better way to browse the internet, full

keybad on screen, 2 batteries, excellent software, and even better;

the Live search feature. Lg Rumor= slider touchscreen, not as loud

as the Instinct, actually is not loud at all, but if you are a

heavy texter, i would recommend the Lg over the Instinct since it

has the Keyboard which would make it quicker than the touch screen

of the instinct. LG shine= is just a downgraded version of the

Rumor, DO NOT GET IT. is not loud at all either, and is not touch

screen either. for the same price you can get a BJ 2. just my

opinion. Instinct is way better, even better than the iphone 3g

EDIT by Brandddoooonnnn: OK, obviously they have Sprint, those

phones are only available on the Sprint PCS Network, anyways, the

Rumor is NOT touch screen! Mine just broke, and Im planning on

getting the Instinct. It has many features that are similar to the

iPhone and has a wider touch-screen QWERTY keypad on it, so it will

be slightly easier to use than the iPhone's. The Instinct is also

great for T9 texting, which is really easy if you get used to it.

Whatever you chose, dont get the LG Shine. The Rumor is OK, but its

a little out dated and has a lot of glitches, although they are

pretty hard to activate.

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