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Well first off which carrier do you have? I just got the Instinct through Sprint and I love it. A couple of my friends have the Rumor and the say that they are not very good, they cut off sometimes while talking.......But I guess it is just personal preference!!!!!! Instinct= better way to browse the internet, full keybad on screen, 2 batteries, excellent software, and even better; the Live search feature. Lg Rumor= slider touchscreen, not as loud as the Instinct, actually is not loud at all, but if you are a heavy texter, i would recommend the Lg over the Instinct since it has the Keyboard which would make it quicker than the touch screen of the instinct. LG shine= is just a downgraded version of the Rumor, DO NOT GET IT. is not loud at all either, and is not touch screen either. for the same price you can get a BJ 2. just my opinion. Instinct is way better, even better than the iPhone 3G

EDIT by Brandddoooonnnn: OK, obviously they have Sprint, those phones are only available on the Sprint PCS Network, anyways, the Rumor is NOT touch screen! Mine just broke, and Im planning on getting the Instinct. It has many features that are similar to the iPhone and has a wider touch-screen QWERTY keypad on it, so it will be slightly easier to use than the iPhone's. The Instinct is also great for T9 texting, which is really easy if you get used to it. Whatever you chose, dont get the LG Shine. The Rumor is OK, but its a little out dated and has a lot of glitches, although they are pretty hard to activate.

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Q: Which phone do you think i should get the lg rumor lg shine or the samsung instinct?
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Which phone is better the lg rumor or the samsung glyde?

the glyde

Which sprint phone should I get The samsung intercept the lg rumor touch the Sanyo incgonito or if you have any other suggestions?

It's your phone and you have to use it. Go look at the phones and make your decision.

What is the best phone from Sprint?

The Instinct by Sprint and The Blackberrys and the Rumor by LG are the best phones from Sprint. I have the Instinct and it is the best! You won't regret it. Sprint is very pricey so watch it!

What colors do the Samsung gravity come in?

The Samsung Gravity, a new phone similar to the Lg Rumor, comes in two colors: Aqua and Lime Green.

Which is better the lg rumor touch or the Samsung seek?

the rumor touch, because like it has better reception, and the seek is very childish and the phone battery cover comes off very easily, cheap phone, but anyways RUMOR touch, definitely...whoever wrote this is wrong i have the samsung seek and i used to have a rumor touch it sucks because the picture quality is terrible and it drops call.

When is Sprint going to carry the new Note phone from Samsung?

It is only rumor right now BUT it looking highly likely.

Will boostmobile come out with a new Android phone in 2011?

Rumor has it, Samsung and Boot Mobile will team up to come up with a new android phone in 2011.

What should you do if your rumor only works on speaker phone?

get it repaired you idiot

Should you get the lg rumor 2?

It seems like a nice phone, so why not?

Does the Samsung Rant charger work with the LG Rumor?


When was LG Rumor - phone - created?

LG Rumor - phone - was created in 2007.

How do you unfreeze the LG Rumor?

simply remove the battery, and turn the phone back on. it should work.

How do you get the Twitter App on the Rumor Touch for Virgin Mobile?

The phone should come with the app installed.

Is the lg rumor 2 a good phone from sprint?

Yeah its a very good phone. But after two years or more the phone might get a little damage or seem to not work as smoothly as it did before, but that happens to every phone i could think of. So if you were deciding what phone to get then the LG Rumor 2 is a great phone and I heard the Rumor Touch is good too but not as good as the Rumor 2

Is the rumor phone sprint?


What is the best smartphone on the Sprint cell phone plans?

The best smart phone on the Sprint cell phone plan is subjective. It depends on what you are looking for in a cell smart phone. The palm pixi, LG Rumor Touch and The Samsung Seek are all great smart phones available through Sprint.

Is the rumor cell phone a good phone?

yes is is but its a really old phone now.

What is the cheapest texting phone?

The lg rumor

What is a phone that is very popular?

the lg rumor

What phone company is the LG rumor with?


Is the Rumor Touch a reliable Virgin Mobile cell?

Any phone, including the Rumor Touch, is a reliable phone. People have different preferences when it comes to phones though. Tell a store associate what you want in a phone and they will tell you if the Rumor Touch is a good choice for you or not.

Is the lg rumor 2 an AT and T phone?

No it's only a Sprint phone.

Is the samsung rant better than the lg rumor?

yes it has more features and they are better as well...for only $20 more than the rumor, the rant is worth it

Has the rumor phone been discontinued?

If you mean the Lg Rumor then no it hasn't been discontinued. Lg actually just came out with the Lg rumor 2

Can the lg rumor touch by virgin mobile get apps?

yea you can. its simple, go to google and type in lg rumor touch owners. there should be a page similar to what i wrote and they will help you. this phone is worth the money