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I think your teacher needs to update his/her question book.

Both Jupiter and Saturn have more than 30 moons and have rings made of ice.

However, Saturn is the answer they are looking for.

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What planet has several wide rings made up of ice and rocks and at least 18 moons?

Saturn has rings of ice and rocks and at least 18 moons

The differences between an outer and inner planet?

Inner planet - closer to the Sun, made of rock and metals, no rings and few moons Outer planet - farther from the Sun, made of gas, has rings and many moons.

What are the moons and rings around some planets made of?

The rings are mainly made of from dust, ice or rubble from that planet.Most moons are asteroids or bits of the planet that have broken off of the planet caught in the gravitational pull from the planet.

Does Neptune have moons or rings?

As of June 2014, 14 moons have been found orbiting Neptune. The planet also has thin, unstable rings that are made if dust.

What are planetary rings made up of?

the rings of Saturn are made up of things like rocks, ice, dust, broken up failed moons. actually technically the rings of Saturn are many moons orbiting the planet

What is the object that circles Saturn?

Several moons, and rings. The rings are made up of billions of tiny particles.Several moons, and rings. The rings are made up of billions of tiny particles.Several moons, and rings. The rings are made up of billions of tiny particles.Several moons, and rings. The rings are made up of billions of tiny particles.

How many rings and moons does each planet have?

The rings of a planet cannot be counted, since they are not solid but made of millions of tiny particles. However, moons can be counted: Mercury - 0 Venus - 0 Earth - 1 Mars - 2 Jupiter - 63 (has rings) Saturn - 60 (has rings) Uranus - 27 (has rings) Neptune - 13 (has rings)

What planet has 100 rings?

Saturn is the planet that has at least 100 rings. Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune also have rings. The rings are made up of debris that is caught in the planet's gravitational pull.

Does Saturn have satellites?

Planet Saturn has 62 known moons of which 53 are named. Of course, the famous rings are made up of debris of former satellites or moons.

Does Neptune have rings if so what are they made from?

the rings of neptunes 13 moons are made of iron

What planet has rings made of ice and rock?

Saturn is the planet with rings made of ice and rock.

What is an object that orbits the planet?

It can be natural satellites (moons), man-made satellites or small pieces of matter such as ice (rings of the outer planets).

What objects orbit Uranus?

Many things actually orbit the planet of Uranus. 13 rings made up of large, rocky matter orbit the gas giant. Also, 15 moons orbit this distant planet. It is highly possible that more rings and moons are orbiting Uranus that we just haven't detected yet.

Why are the rings of Saturn made up of large rocks?

There are blocks of ice there too! (maybe from comets that have been captured) The rings are probably debris from impacts between asteroids and the moons of Saturn with the possibility that some moons have been entirely torn apart by impacts or gravitational pull from the mother planet and other moons.

What are Saturn's rings made up of and where are they found?

Saturn's rings are made up of dust and rock in space. Each and every fragment is in a gravitational orbit of the planet, so in a sense, one might say that Saturn has billions of 'moons'.

What is a special features on the planet Saturn?

Saturn actually has 62 moons. Not to mention that, although it looks solid, the rings are actually made of space dust and debri that are slowly moving away from the planet.

What are Saturn's great rings?

Saturn's rings are made up of dust, rocks , asteroids, and moons.

Jupiters rings are made of what?

Jupiter's rings are made of fine dust particles which are the debris of meteoroids that have crashed into the planets moons.

What made Saturn's rings?

Saturn's rings are made of ice chunks of various sizes surrounded by Saturn's 60 moons and moonlets

Why are the rings of each gas giant planet closer to the planet than its large moons are?

The rings are made up of small debree and therefor are on a tight close orbit around the planet. The large moons are the opposite because they are large and therefor on a much further out orbit. The sun has a gravitational pull on all things in our solar system and its pull is much larger on the moon and it keeps it further away from the sun.

What differences do the four outer planets have?

The inner planets are Rocky Terrestrial. The outer planets are Gaseous.None of the inner planets have rings. All outer planets have rings.NOTES:Jupiter - Largest planet ( spins quickly on its axis ). Has a red spot which is a huge storm that is 3x the size of Earth. Has 63 moons.Saturn - 2nd biggest planet. Lightest planet ( if enough water saturn could float in it ). Beautiful rings ( saturns rings are made of moons that were smashed because of saturns gravity. Has 62 moons.Uranus - Axis is at 97 degrees. Which it means it is rotating on its side. Has 24 moons.Neptune - One Neptune year lasts 165 Earth years!Like Jupiter, Neptune has a dark spot caused by a storm. Neptune's spot is smaller than Jupiter's -- it is only about the size of the planet earth. Has 13 moons.

Why planet Saturn have rings?

it has rings made out of rock and ice and it uses the rings to protect it self

What are the differences between Jupiter and Pluto?

Are you kidding? Jupiter: Gas giant, rings, made up of hydrogen, 20+ moons, REALLY HUGE. Pluto: Dwarf planet, 3 moons, made up of ice, SIZE OF MANHATTAN. Go look at Offended, you deserve it.

Comparative essay on the inner planet vs the outer planet?

The inner: small, few moons, made of rock and metal the outer: large, lots of moons, made of gases

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