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Montag reads the poem Dover Beach by Matthew Arnold to Mildred and her friends. Because Montag reads the poem, it brings Mildred's friends to tears.

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Q: Which poem does montag read to mildred and friends?
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What poem does montag read to mildred?

He doesnt read it to Mildred, he reads it to her and her friends "Dover Beach"

Why does the firemen burns Montag's house?

The Firemen burn his house bacuse he had hidden books and they found out..... Someone called it in because he read that poem to Mildred and her friends.

What poem does montag read?

Montag reads a poem called Dover beach.

In Fahrenheit 451 what does Montag do to mildred's friends?

He reads a book to them which was a big mistake. but if you dont like my answer then got to sparknotes. Its much easy it tells juts the summary. But yeah he read a poem to them and one of them started to cry.

Which part of Fahrenheit 451 did Milldrid have the party?

If you are referring to the party when Mildred had her friends over and Montag came in and read to them Dover Beach, the poem, you can find that party in THE SIEVE AND THE SAND, pages 94-101. Hope this is the party you were referring to.

What page does montag read the poem?


What does montag do with the book after he read the poem?

Drops it into the incinerator

What poem does Montag read in Fahrenheit 451?

"Dover Beach"

What does montag do to the book after he read the poem in Fahrenheit 451?

Montag dropped the poetry book into his kitchen incinerator.

What happen right before montag and mildred begin to read the books?

The doorbell rang saying, "Someone at the door Mrs. Montag, someone at the door."

What book does Montag finally settle on to read with Mildred what is the symbolism of this book?

gulivers travel by johnathan swift

Who reported montag to the firemen?

It is unclear who was solely responsible for reporting Montag to the firemen. It is possible it was his wife or any of the women who he read the poem to that night in the parlor.

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