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Which province in Canada is Avril from?

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Avril was born in belleville, Ontario Canada but grew up in Napanee, Ontario Canada

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Which province of Canada was Avril lavigne born?

Avril Lavigne was born in Belleville, Ontario.

Where is Avril from?

Avril Lavigne is from Belleville, Ontario, Canada.

What is the province capital for Canada?

Canada is a country, not a province. The capital of Canada is Ottawa in the province of Ontario.

Where does Avril live?


What country was Avril laven born in?

Avril Lavigne was born in Canada

Is Ontario a province of Canada?

Yes, Ontario is a province of Canada.

What province in Canada is the lagest?

The largest province in canada is Quebec

When was Province of Canada created?

Province of Canada was created in 1841.

When did Province of Canada end?

Province of Canada ended in 1867.

What is the largest province or territory in Canada?

The Largest Province of CanadaThe largest province in Canada is the french province, "Quebec".The Largest Territory of CanadaThe largest territory in Canada is "Nunavut".Which is larger? The largest province or the largest territory??All together, Nunavut is the largest province AND territory in Canada. It is larger than Quebec.

What is Avril lavigne's town called?

Avril was born in Beleville, Ontario Canada but she grew up in Napanee, Onatario Canada.

What is the southernmost province in Canada?

The name of the southernmost province in Canada is Ontario

The most central province in Canada?

the most central province in Canada

What is the Main province of Canada?

There is no main province in Canada except the province that holds the capital Ottawa which is Ontario.

Which province in Canada has a puffin as its national bird?

The province of Alberta, Canada is bordered to the west by the province of British.

What is the provience of Alberta Canada?

Alberta, Canada IS a province. It's not a country, it's a province of Canada.

Is Avril lavigne from Canada?


When and where was Avril Lavenge born?


Which province of Canada has often attempted to separate from the country and why?

The Province of Canada is Quebec

In what province is the capital of canada?

The capital of Canada is Ottawa, located in the province of Quebec.

What territories were once united as the Province of Canada?

Ontario and Quebec were the Province of Canada.

When was Ecclesiastical Province of Canada created?

Ecclesiastical Province of Canada was created in 1860.

What province joint Canada in 1949?

In 1949, the province of Newfoundland joined Canada.

Which province was the the last to join Canada?

Newfoundland joined Canada 1949 and was the last province to join Canada

Is Iqaluit a province or a territory in Canada?

It is a province

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