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Which religion makes the most sense?


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no religion makes more sence than any other, they all have contradictions and stories based on hearsay, they all have seemingly imposible miricles which don't make sence in todays world.

but if a religion helps someone in times of trouble then that's good, without faith in something or someone we would be very sad

Atheism...none of the others make any sense in a modern..scientifically BTW, this is just my opinion

never thought of that one as a religion but they must still have some contridicions as atheist believe in something higher just not "god". agnostics would be another one but if you don't believe in anything then that's not religion. but i see where you are coming from


Note to the above persons answer. I am a Christian. It is not hearsay if God talks directly to you or you see a Miracle in front of your own eyes. When this happens, you are an eyewitness, your perspective changes.
Depends. To Christians, Christianity; to Moslems, Islam; to Buddhists, Buddhism; etc. If you are not satisfied with your current religion, you best do some research on your own.