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Which sensor downstream or upstream causes the MIL light to come on?

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About 30 things can cause the light to come on. TAke it to auto zone and have the codes read for free.

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How do you know which oxygen sensor is bad in a 2002 Dodge Caravan?

Get the check engine light looked at, the code will specify if it is the upstream or downstream sensor. The upstream will be on the exhaust manifold, and the downstream will be on the pipe after the catalytic converter.

Where is the upstream oxygen sensor located on a 1999 Ford Taurus SE with a 3.0L V6 engine and how do you go about changing one if only the upstream is bad do i need to change the downstream as well?

The upstream 02 sensor is usually located shortly after the exhaust manifold, before the converter. That is the one that controls how the car runs. The downstream sensor, after the converter tells the computer if the converter is doing it's job or not. It does not affect performance, but you might have to live with a check engine light being on. There are probably 2 of each on a V6.

What could be the cause of the emission control warning light to come on in a 2009 KIA RIO LX?

Upstream sensor located by engine,or downstream sensor in exhaust under car ,or if blinking ,possible catalytic converter failure

Can you wire two oxygen sensors to the same wires to get rid of my check engine light?

NO, you cannot do this, this will compound your problem and eventually damage the engine and/or catalytic converter to the point that they/it must be replaced, all three failures are very expensive repairs. The faulty O2 sensor must be identified and replaced. There are 4 set-ups: Single sensor; Dual "upstream" <both sensors are pre-cat>; Dual upstream/downstream <one sensor is pre-cat, one sensor is post-cat> and Quad sensor <two sensors are pre-cat, two sensors are post-cat>. The upstream controls the fuel mixture and the downstream monitors the catalytic converter. BANK 1 is always the number 1 spark plug side and SENSOR 1 is always upstream. Once the fault is corrected the ECM must be cleared with a scanner to shut off the light.

2001 mistsubishi montero sport unlimited and the check engine light comes on because of a O2 sensor which one do you replace?

The code that came up should have specified a location. Left, right, upstream, downstream, etc.

Where is the O2 sensor on an Oldsmobile alero?

That would depend on the size of the engine as well as if you are looking to replace the upstream sensor or downstream. Upstream simply means its in the exhaust system BEFORE the catalytic converter while downstream means that it is located after the converter. You need to have someone pull the DTC's, diagnostic trouble codes, from the ECM before you start replacing sensors. The code(s) you pull from that should point you in the right direction to which sensor is giving you a SES light or Check Engine light. I just recently pulled code P0420 on a 2000 Alero with the Quad4 engine. The code simply stated that the output on sensor 1 bank 1 was below threshold. I replaced the sensor and now everything is kosher. Some instances arent that lucky. Good luck with whatever you determine the cause is. Dale

On a 01 Dodge Caravan how do you know if you need a upsteam or downstream sensor?

The engine light code should say which is needed.

What causes the abs dashboard light to appear in a 2001 expedition?

light sensor

Would light come on if problem with catalytic converter?

If it has a downstream O2 sensor the check engine light will come on but if it does not the light may not come out. In most instances it will set the check engine light.

Where is the oxygen sensor reset 2002 Celica GTS?

There are two sensors in the exhaust system and both are located underneath the car. One upstream sensor that is before the catalytic converter (sensor 1, closest to the manifold) and one downstream of the converter (sensor 2). On a diagnostic tester, the code will come up Bank1 Sensor One or Bank1 Sensor Two. There is only one bank and two sensors. Once the sensor has been replaced, disconnect the negative battery terminal for about one minute and reconnect it. If the sensor replaced is installed correctly, the check engine light should go out and remain off.

What is the code p1405?

The code P1405 on a Ford means: PFE Sensor Circuit Upstream Hose. This code is usually caused by a faulty engine light.

S class 221 changed the lambda sensor upstream check engine light still comes on?

There is another problem. see related questions.

Can it be the heat sensor on the vehicle that can light up the check engine light?

That is one of dozens of possible causes.That is one of dozens of possible causes.

What are the 3 spectrums of light in fios?

There are 3 spectrums of light measured in nm nanometers. There are 2 downstream spectrums and 1 upstream spectrum. 1490 carries voice and data downstrem. 1550 carries video downstream. 1310 carries all upstream. Generally there are acceptable levels at an ONT. This stands for Optical Network Terminal. Fios has its own standards. 1490 should be no lower than -28nm and 1550 should be no lower than -6. You can do more research if you want to get more detailed specs.

How do you replace the oxygen sensor in a 1999 Toyota Camry le v6 3 liter Do you need to replace both the upstream and downstream sensors?

First the answer to your second question. "Generally" the stated life of the O2 sensor is 100K. When one goes bad, the 'check engine light' should come on and the diagnostics from that should tell you which one is bad. If your vehicle has at least 100K, then you get into the "might as well as" area-if one is bad, could the others be far behind? Replacement on your vehicle does not normally require the special socket for O2 sendors. The number one upstream sensor is located between the motor and firewall, the number two upstream sensor is located between the motor and radiator, and the downsteam is located under the car. Replacing number one upstream and the downsteam sensor both require jacking up the vehicle to work from underneath. Replacement of the number 2 upstream sendor can be done with just the hood up. First, unplug the sensor from the wiring harness. Second, remove with a 22mm boxed or open end wrench. Third, compare your purchase with the sensor that has been removed. Replacement is the opposite of removal, install with 22 mm wrench and plug in. You may have to disconnect the battery to clear the check engine dash lite and code.

What to do with a 2002 3.5L intrepid with a check engine light code p0132?

Trouble code P0132 means: O2 Circuit High Voltage (Bank 1, Sensor 1) Replace the upstream O2 sensor (cylinder 1 side)

What causes coolant light to stay on on a 2002 buick century?

Low coolant? Bad sensor?

What causes a P0440 code check engine light?

bad o2 sensor on left bank

Your check engine light just came on and you had it read and it said misfired and O2 sensor not reading how can you fix these?

Oxygen Sensor There are actually (4) O2 sensors on your truck. If you look inside the wheel wells behind the fender liner, right about where the frame is one O2 sensor, the other is underneath the truck about half way back in relation to the transmission. If you see where the exhaust joints together, you went about 6" too far. When you start looking at the O2 sensors, they are normally numbered something like "Bank 1 Sensor 1" Bank 1 is on the passenger side; Bank 2 is on the driver's side. Sensor 1 is the upstream sensor (near the frame, between the block and the cat) and Sensor 2 is near the Y-pipe (downstream of the cat). Normally it is the upstream sensors (sensor 1) that go first. They see the harshest conditions. You will need; Oxygen Sensor Socket Anti-Seized Penetrating Oil Sometimes it will take 15 minutes or take a few hours it depends on your luck…

What causes the service emissions system light to come on on Ford Escape?

There can be several causes for the service emissions systems light to come on in a Ford Escape. The light can indicate an 02 sensor is out or it can indicate an exhaust leak.

What would cause your 2000 Mitsubishi Galant to stop and the check engine light to come on?

this is caused by the sensor tripping in the light sensor to see what causes this you must diagnose it with a computer and see what fails in it.

Which sensor causes the engine light to go on Daewoo 2001 Leganza cdx?

Hope this will help it happend to me. It was my cam sensor and the dealer fixed it for free.

When does the fog light sensor 98 dodge ram 4x4 1500 activate?

There is no "fog light sensor".There is no "fog light sensor".

How do you tell which sensor is bad on 95 Avalon when light comes on?

You have to have the codes read to know the possible causes.

Where are Oxygen sensors in 1999 Mercury Villager?

There are two sensors on a 1999 Villager. The upstream sensor is located in the exhaust manifold at the front of the engine. It could be right on top mounted straight up or further down mounted sideways. The downstream sensor is located in the exhaust pipe right behind the catalytic converter. If you have a check engine light that comes on due to an indicated O2 sensor fault, the problem may not be the sensor itself. (Keep in mind that the upstream sensor actively monitors the air/fuel ratio and sends a variable feedback signal to the PCM. The PCM uses the downstream sensor for the catalyst monitor system and does not affect the air/fuel ratio). Check the wiring from the O2 sensor to the PCM for shorts or open wires. Check for proper voltage from the sensor by back probing the connector with a straight pin. Turn the ignition ON but do not start the engine. Connect a DIGITAL voltmeter TO a good ground and the positive lead (usually the center wire) of the O2 sensor SIGNAL wire at the connector. It should give a reading between 400 and 450 millivolts (.40 to .45. volts). If not, trace and repair the circuit. CAUTION: DO not probe the wires of the O2 sensor or the harness as the circuit is very sensitive to excessive circuit loads or circuit damage of any kind.