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The Soviet Union was on the Allied side.

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On which side did Russia fight during World War 1?

Russia fought on the Entente side against Germany and was defeated.

Russia allied with what side during world war 1?

Russia sided with the Triple Entente

How did Russia win World War 1?

They were on the side of the Allies. And they had an alliance with Serbia, so they had no choice but to join.

What side was Russia on in WW1?

russia was on the Allies side during ww1

What did Russia experience during World War 1?

Russia's experience during World War 1 happened between 1914 and 1917. Russia fought along side the United Kingdom and France.

Which side did the US join during World War 1?

The US declared war on Germany in April 1917. By doing so, the US was siding with the Allied Powers- the United Kingdom, France, Russia, and Italy.

What side did the US join during World War 2?

The Left side..oh, no, sorry, I was looking at a map. The US was on the ALLIED side during WW2.The Allies. (Or you could say the winning side.)

Who was on the Axis side and who was on the Allies side during World War 2?

Germany, Italy, Japan, and Russia (Russia in some cases depending on how you look at it) were on the Axis power side. The U.S., Britain, Russia, China, and a majority of other countries around the world were on the allied side. Russia is both because it turned against the axis power because Hitler turned on them.

Who was on the American side during world war 2?

The primary allies were Great Britian, France, and Russia.

Was Russia good or bad in World War 1?

There is no bad side or good side but Russia was on the Allies Side.

Where Russia and the US ever on the same side during war?

Yes. The US and the Soviet Union were allies during both world wars.

Was Russia on Great Britain's or Germany's side during World War 2?

Russia, as part of the Soviet Union, was one of the Allied Powers and was invaded by Germany.

How was Germany defeated during World War 2?

America came from the west side and Russia came from the east side of Germany. Trapped them and captured them.

What country did japan join forces with in World War 1?

In WWI, Japan was on the side of the USA, UK and France but had complex and difficult relations with Russia and China.

What side was Italy on during World War 1?

The united states,russia,canada,and the Ueropean countries that weren't Germany.

Is it true that neutrality is the ability to choose sides during war?

It is not true. Neutrality, as pertains to war, means that a country is choosing not to participate in the war. They are choosing not to join any side and want to be left alone. Sometimes a neutral country does choose a side- like Italy during World War I (they had chosen not to join the Central Powers, and then were basically bribed by the Allies to join their side), or Belgium during both World Wars (both times they were invaded by Germany, despite being neutral). But when this happens, the country ceases to be neutral.

Was cuba an ally of the US during world war 2?

Cuba was an ally to the US during World War II. But after the war, Cuba became communist and joined on the side of Russia against US. Cuba and Russia were also launched the nuclear threat on the US and Mexico.

Russia side in ww1?

yeah man sorry about that my freind was messin. russia was on the allies side, i believe. for both world wars

Why did the soviet union join world war 2 on the side of the allies?

Adolph Hitler signed a Non Aggression pact with Russia purely to confuse and delay the Russian army, he then a short time later attacked Russia through Poland.

Why did Russians switch alliance side during World War 2?

Because the Germans, their previous ally attacked them in a an attempt to conquer Russia.

In World War 2 did the Nazis get into Russia?

the Germans took the entire European side of Russia

What state borders both Canada an russia?

No state borders Russia. Russia is a different continent on the other side of the world.

Why did America not join in world wars?

They did join in the world wars,in ww1 the Americans joined the British/french side in 1917.in ww2 they joined the side of Britain again in 1941.

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