World War 2
Decade - 1940s
Soviet Union (USSR)

Which side was USS.R. on during World War 2?

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The U.S.S.R., or Soviet Union, was on the Allied side during World War II. The Soviets were communists on the mainly democratic Allied side, and the reason was because fascists, like Nazis and Italians under Mussolini, and communists hated each other. Fascism really despised the works of Karl Marx. Also, Hitler broke the Nazi-Soviet Pact and invaded the Soviet Union anyways.

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How did the USSR view the US during World War 2?

how did the ussr view the us during world war 2

What nations did Latvia side with during the Cold War?

Latvia was not an independent country during the Cold War. From 1944 to 1991 Latvia was part of the Soviet Union (USSR). So it was on the side of the USSR, because it was the USSR.

What side was the USSR on in World War II?

The USSR was with the Allies - they were against the Germans

Who fought beside the us in World War 2?

The British and the USSR fought along side the United States during this war.

Whose side did the US take during World War 1?

The Alies eg Britain, France and the USSR.

Who was Stalin in World War 2?

Joseph Stalin was the dictator leader of the USSR during World War 2.Stalin was the leader of the USSR

How many of the USSR soldiers were killed during World War 2?

10.7 Million USSR Soldiers were killed during World War 2. All of them from the Soviet Union.

Whose side was America on during World War 2?

The United States was one of the Allies along with the USSR and the British Empire.

Who did the USSR side with in World War 2?

At first with German then against

Who was a communist leader during world war 2?

Joseph Stalin was a communist leader of the USSR during World War 2.

Who fought on the communist side in the Korean war?

North Korea was supported by the USSR and China during the Korean War.

Did Stalin fight for the allied powers during World War 2?

Yes, Stalin/USSR fought on the side of the allied powers in WW II

Who was on what side during the cold war?

US/Britain/France verses USSR/Red China.

USSR leader during world war 2?

Joseph Stalin was the leader of the USSR according to my Social Studies textbook.

What 2 leaders where there in the USSR during World War 2?

Joseph Stalin was the Primeminister of the USSR during WW2. The Other one iam not aware of his exsistance

When did the Russia become the USSR?

In 1919 during the victory celebration of World War 1.

Was Russia controlled or gained by Germany during World War 2?

Parts of the USSR (Russia) were occupied by Germany during the war, but at no point did Germany formally annex or obtain any part of the USSR.

How did you end the war in eroupe during world war 2?

Germany was sandwiched between the USSR and the western allies.

Who was the leader of the USSR at the end of World War?

Joseph Stalin was the leader of the USSR after World War 2.

What was the entire continent the USSR controlled during World War 2?

There was never an entire continent under the control of the USSR at any time

How us manage the USSR ideology during cold war?

The US did NOT allow the communists (USSR) to expand during the cold war.

Why did the Soviet Union declare war on Japan during World War 2?

USSR was part of the Allies, but mostly because Japan was spreading and their empire was becoming a threat to the USSR

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