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Which site enables us to send free sms to Dubai from India?

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Dear Friend , You can SEND FREE SMS to DUBAI from INDIA at : www.160by2.com


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Any website to send free SMS to India from Dubai?

hai me dubai message kese send kru ?

How can you send free sms in Dubai from Gmail?

You cannot send free SMS via Gmail. It is one of the largest Mailing service. You can send free Emails to Dubai from it.

How can you send free sms to Dubai at free of cost from a web?

There are few websites gives you access to send free sms to Dubai and many more countries for free. You can find below site for free sms from web

Can you send free sms to Dubai from India?

You can simply go to 80x2, where you don't have to login to send sms , and sending is absolutely free and without any advertisements. To get access to more features you can login with your facebook account there.

Any website to send free SMS to Dubai?

There are only few websites which offers free SMS service to DUBAI. Send a test message first and see if it delivers

Send free sms to Dubai?

Try to use free texting services (like CallsFreeCalls).

Free sms send Dubai?

there are many websites like 160by2.com

Can i send free SMS on mobile from Pakistan to Dubai?

Yes you can do that by using any good web2sms website like: smspunch.net/send-free-sms.aspx

How do you send a free sms to sri lanka from India?

how to send free sms to sri lannka

If we send 1 million from Dubai to India how many rupees will it become?

one Dubai money =13.5rupees on dated 08/12/2008.so ultimately multiply that

China free sms to Dubai?

If you live in China, you can send free SMS to people in Dubai, or anywhere else in the world. You just have to make sure that the recipient of the SMS is also on Viber and you won't be charged.

Free sms from India to Dubai?

Yo can use some third party software like Viber, Skype, CFC which allows to texting intire theirs network. Also you can use free texting services (CFC) to send real sms worldwide.

What is the best free online pet game?

i have send message of india

How can you send free sms to Nepal from India?

Check the link below to see if this is what you need.

How can you send mms from my PC to mobile phones in India free of cost?

You can send free MMS from your PC to any mobile phone in India, using your own content or bollywood / cricket pictures, on MMS-Club - http://www.mms-club.com

How can you send free sms in India?

It is possible to use one of free texting and calling services (like CFC online or CallsFreeCalls).

Where can someone send a free sms to India?

Free SMS can be sent to India from many different places, especially online. Some examples of places include AFreeSMS, 160by2, Way2SMS, and FullonSMS.

Does Canada send products to India?

yes canada can send products to india.

Can you send sms to India from uae?

yes we can send sms to India from Uae.

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