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That would be the Sun .

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Did seti have a wife?

Yes, he had afew wifes in his lifespan as a pharoh.

Is Johnny Depp still in japan?

no he is not anymore but was there for afew months

How much does wee man earn?

millions afew times over

How can people relieve from face shaking?

get smacked in the face afew times

Is Greece bigger than the UK?

yes it is by afew meters

Is there an automatic puck shooter invented?

yes. there are afew, but pretty high in price.

Band name starting with h?

To name afew: Hellowgoodbye, Hoobastank, Hinder

Who makes cabelas' hunting boots?

danner merril to name afew

Will badgers kill chickens?

yes they killed ours afew days ago

When do your Pokemon evolve in Explores of Darkness?

you have to beat darkrai then wait afew days

Is George Sampson nice?

in my opinion he is:) i have met him afew times now and he is lovely to meee!

Brodway litrature the triumph of surgery?

the expected call came within afew days

Are the new Lego Star Wars in the us yet?

Yes, most of them are but there are afew that are not yet:)

How do you answer Why should you be hired?

-i have the skills that is needed for this job -experience -and probably state afew adjectives about yourself

100 most famous paintings?

Answer Afew I know are the Mona Lisa, Whistler's Mother, and The Scream

How do you get a combee in Pokemon?

put honey on a honey tree wait afew hours then go back to it

What were the names of prudence wright's children?

liberty libery prudence mary david and afew others

How many of polar bears are left on earth?

there are actually very few polar bears. im not typically sure how many axactually there is but i know for a fact there is not alot mabe afew hundred or so. hope this helps :) -ashlyn </3

You have pain after a tetanus shot is this normal?

Yes, you normally get swelling as well. Should subside after afew days.

What will happen if a person has drank for 7 years?

nothing major just afew dead brain cells

Why did Maya angelou drop out of high school?

she drop out of school because she had a son afew weeks later

What is the religious makeup of Kirghiz Republic?

mostly ex moslem . afew still muslims others orthodox

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