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Which states laws apply for a car repossessed in Georgia if Florida is where you maintain your permanent residence?


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READ your contract. It usually covers which state laws apply in default. The laws are basically the same in both states. Self help repo allowed as long as there is NO breach of peace.


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A disabled person's vehicle can be repossessed just as any other person's vehicle can be repossessed. You must make all payments on your vehicle if you want to keep it.

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Establish residence in Florida for at least 30 days, go to the Florida DMV with your Ohio CDL, current and valid DOT medical card, second form of identification, and proof of residence, as well as money for the fees.

As soon as you establish a residence.

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The correct term is state of domicile. There is also a Certificate of Domicile by State. Domicile simply means a permanent legal residence. A person can have multiple temporary residences but only one domicile. An example is a person who lives in New York most of the year: it's the place where he is registered to vote, where he receives mail, and where he renews his vehicle registration and license. Perhaps he also has a temporary or vacation residence in Florida or South Carolina. New York is his state of domicile or his domiciliary state. Florida or South Carolina is the state of his temporary residence.

call the bank, they are the only ones that can release the vehicle to you, good luck :)


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Its NOT a matter of HOW late, just that you ARE late. Read your contract. That should explain when you are in DEFAULT.

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