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Which sub is cleaner the mtx 5500 or the kicker cvr?



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This depends on power rating, amp rating, and RMS for each. Personally I would go for the kicker sub as I have heard better reviews on those.

*there is no big difference as MTX Has long Co Produced Speakers for Kicker and have even lent them the Design for the solo L5 & L7's though kicker has not won any competition in a while MTX has and will continue to raise the bar when it comes to deep clear bass and bang for your buck...there thunder series has always been a huge favorite for those who have the money or not....Alpine type R's and x would be your next best for Rockford Fosgate they have since delivered nothing that would amaze and I think IMHO they are going soley off there name alone...just like Sony....with the Xplods....even Visonik 2 * inch subs bang better than 2 10' 12' or 15' Xplods....Visonik is ok but not a top brand like MTX or oRION or Cerwin Vega...and dont buy into the hype that Youtoob has given the the Volfenhag subs= Garbage* don't believe look it up & prove me wrong