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Which sub is cleaner the mtx 5500 or the kicker cvr?

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Subwoofers*This depends on power rating, amp rating, and RMS for each. Personally I would go for the kicker sub as I have heard better reviews on those.

*there is no big difference as MTX Has long Co Produced Speakers for Kicker and have even lent them the Design for the solo L5 & L7's though kicker has not won any competition in a while MTX has and will continue to raise the bar when it comes to deep clear bass and bang for your buck...there thunder series has always been a huge favorite for those who have the money or not....Alpine type R's and x would be your next best for Rockford Fosgate they have since delivered nothing that would amaze and I think IMHO they are going soley off there name alone...just like Sony....with the Xplods....even Visonik 2 * inch subs bang better than 2 10' 12' or 15' Xplods....Visonik is ok but not a top brand like MTX or oRION or Cerwin Vega...and dont buy into the hype that Youtoob has given the the Volfenhag subs= Garbage* don't believe look it up & prove me wrong

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What is a good amp for a MTX 5500 Thunder Subwoofer?

i have 2 mtx 5500 that are powered by an mtx 801D that sounds awesome.

Kicker 12 inch subwoofers 1500 watts?

There is no way my two mtx 10's are pushing 5500 watts and they aren't competition subs.

Is mtx magnum better than mtx terminator?

MTX is mostly all the same. except for there jackhammer equipment

What is the population of MTX Audio?

The population of MTX Audio is 750.

Mtx jack hammer?

The MTX Jackhammer is a huge speaker 18 inches in diameter.

How much is a MTX thunder 4244?

how much does a mtx audio thunder 4244 cost?

Which is better a MTX jh600 amp or a hifonics Brutus BXI1610D amp?

The MTX...I have the same one

Which is better visonik vpb212pk dual 12 subwoofers or mtx magnum 10 subwoofers?

the MTX is better

What are the top car stereo brands?

The top car stereo brands are Kicker, Sundown Audio, Alpine, JL Audio, Digital Designs, Pioneer, Kenwood, MTX THUNDER, and Rockford Fosgate. The majority of people prefer these brands.

Where can an MTX car amp be purchased from?

MTX car amplifiers can be purchased from MTX Audio, Crutchfield, Online Car Stereo, Sale Stores, eBay, BetterDealPrices, Hooked On Tronics, and Open Box Savings.

What is a good amp for MTX Terminator?

if it is the dual 12 package, your best bet for a inexpensive good quality amp to match the mtx name would be a mtx 250-1, thats what i have for mine and it sounds great.

In what year did Minerals Technologies Inc - MTX - have its IPO?

Minerals Technologies Inc. (MTX)had its IPO in 1992.

Who manufactures mtx televisions?


What is the market cap for Minerals Technologies Inc MTX?

As of July 2014, the market cap for Minerals Technologies Inc. (MTX) is $2,143,143,372.15.

What is the loudest subwoofer?

The loudest subwoofer ive heard with my experience is a kicker l7 18 inch or an audio bahn black label competetion 18. but for a regular car stereo nothings better then an old fashion slo barics or a mtx sledgehammer.

What does the medical abbreviation MTX mean?


Which is the loudest sub out of Earthquake Audio Holees 15 dc level 5 18 fi btl 18 18 dd 9918z 18 kicker solo x 18 mtx jackhammer 22?

the dd18z it has the record over 180db for one sub

How much are mtx jackhammer subs?

About $7,000 (US) This is there link:

Is simponi effective without methotrexate?

It can be used with or without MTX

Can four mtx tt6510-02 shallow mount subs be run off of one mtx te1004 4-channel amp without seeming too underpowered?


Which is the best brand of amplifier for the car?

Matter of opinion. I'm a Kicker/Rockford Fosgate/JL Audio fan. Alpine is still pretty good too. Stay away from brands like Dual, MTX, Audiobahn, Sony, and pretty much anything else with a 'too good to be true' price tag.

How much does a MTX 9500 weigh?

More than 70 pounds.

Pioneer 12 ts-w303r or Sony 12 xs-l120p5a or MTX thunder-X?

stay away from sony. they are not high quality. pioneer is first then mtx. no doubt

What can be done for severe psoriasis?

Methotrexate (MTX) can be given as a pill or as an injection to alleviate symptoms of severe psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis. Patients who take MTX must be carefully monitored to prevent liver damage.

Which stores sell MTX car subwoofers?

There are a number of stores that sell MTX car subwoofers. Visit your local auto dealer, if they don't have any in stock you can always ask them if they can make a special order for you.

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