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The modern Japanese language really has three distinct alphabets: "Kanji," are the ideograms that the Japanese share with the Chinese and are symbols for objects or ideas-they number in the thousands and are therfore highly inpractical. The Japanese, realizing that Kanji had it's limitations, invented an alphabet of sound rather than symbols similar to ours, which is referred to as "Hiragana", which expresses all of the sounds of the Japanese language. There is also a totally separate alphabet that is used to express words that are foreign, which is referred to as "Katakana." Of all the alphabets, Hiragana is used the most in modern Japan. ADDITIONAL INPUT: I would like to add that in my 20 years of speaking, reading, writing Japanese, I have learned that learning KANJI is ABSOLUTELY essential to being able to get along in "adult" level Japanese. It's a must. Once you learn upwards of 2000 characters, reading will be a breeze. Much more efficient than English, actually! Check out Heisig's books on how not to forget Kanji.

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Q: Which type of Japanese language characters are used most often?
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What does kikimasu mean in Japanese?

The most often encountered word that would be pronounced (or written in Roman characters) "kikimasu" is the polite base form of the verb meaning (most often) "to listen."

Are most anime characters supposed to be white or Japanese?

They're all Japanese, of course. ^_^

How do you write Tomo in Japanese?

The hiragana (basic Japanese characters) is とも, and the most-common kanji (characters originating from China) is 友.

What language is spoken most frequently in Tokyo?


Are the characters who are in mangas usually Asian?

for the most part they are supposed to be japanese, but there are occasional characters who are american or chinese

What form of Japanese writing is most common?

Kanji, Chinese characters.

What is the second most spoken language in Italy?


What is the writing method of Japanese Language?

There are three alphabets:漢字 (kanji) - Chinese charactersひらがな (hiragana) - used in conjunction with kanjiカタカナ (katakana) - most often used to write foreign words, names, game narratives or used as emphasis

How many Chinese words are in the Japanese language?

It is said that some 50,000 kanji (Chinese characters) exist. However, many kanji are not necessarily used in daily life. The Japanese Ministry of Education designated 2,136 characters as Jooyoo Kanji, which are the most frequently used characters. It would be very helpful to learn all Jooyoo Kanji, but the basic 1,000 characters are sufficient to read about 90% of the kanji used in a newspaper (about 60% with 500 characters).

What country is Japanese language closely related to?

Japanese doesn't have an actual language group like most languages do (e.g. Danish is part of the North Germanic language group, closely related to Swedish and Norwegian), however, I have heard that Korean would be the most closely related, as both languages borrowed common characters from the chinese language and also my guess would be they are reasonably similar given they are geographically close, however, by no means mutually intelligible.

Is japanese one of the hardest languages to learn?

Japanese would be the hardest language to learn as a second language for someone whose first language was English. And vise versa. If Japanese if your first language then English is the hardest language to learn. Or actually it might be the easiest but only if your first language was Japanese. The hardest might be French if your first language was Japanese.

The difference between Chinese Characters and Japanese?

Japan did not originally have a written language. Students travelled to China to learn to speak, read and write Chinese. Subsequently, any Japanese documents were written in Chinese. As time went by, the Japanese adopted the Chinese characters for their own with some modifications. The Japanese also have two other "alphabets" called "Katakana" and "Hiragana". "Hiragana" is a form of syllabic writing based on cursive Chinese characters and is most commonly used in general literature and newspapers. "Katakana" is also a form of syllabic writing based on Chinese characters and is used mainly for documents and scientific articles.

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