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Q: Which type of microscope allows you to see inside the cell (organelles) 3D images or bacteria?
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Which one can view organelles tem and sem?

I think both the techniques can be used to observe different organelles in a cell.Transverse electron microscope is relatively cheaper but does not produce high quality images of the sample. On the other hand, scanning electron microscope cost a lot but gives high quality images and is also more detailed.

Is the swine flu bacteria?

yes. look on google images and they have swine flu in bacterica. ( a view from a microscope)

What microscope can enlarge images to 1500 times?

Light microscope

What type of microscope would you need to see detailed images of an internal structure of a bacterium a light microscope or an electron microscope?

Bacteria are generally very small - so you would need an electron microscope to see them in any detail. Under a light microscope you would probably only be able to see the overall shape.

What is the name of a microscope that shows black and white images?

Electron microscope.

What microscope can enlarge images up to 1500 times?

Light microscope

Microscope that can enlarge images up to 1500 times?

A microscope is an optical device which is used to view very small objects. A compound microscope enlarges images up to 1,500 times.

Which type of microscope produces images on the surface of a cell?

Scanning electron microscope

What does the microscope use to form images?

For an optical microscope, the principle of refraction, in its lenses.

What forms the images for a light microscope?

Your eye

Can images of atoms be made with an electron microscope?


What microscope can be equipped to produce real time images of movements of cells?

Light microscope