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Digital and Analog

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Q: Which type of signals are carried over a DSL cable?
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Which transmission media type carries signals over the greatest distance?

Coaxial cable

How are long distance signals sent?

That depending on the type of the cable................. If you transmitt over a long distance eventhoogh we can use fiber but it may cost cost effective.......

Which type of audio video cable includes not only carriers for both positive and negative signals but also a grounding carrier?

a balanced coaxial cable

What type of audio and or video cable includes not only carriers for both positive and negative signals but also a grounding carrier?

A balanced coaxial cable

What type of monitor cable was connected to the laptop?

Ethernet cross-over cable

Which cable type is used by a catv connection?

Coaxial cableCoaxial cable carries Community Antenna Television or CATV signals to the majority of television receivers oftnly.

Which cable type you can use to network two computers?

You can use Cross over cable or LAN cable or Ethernet cable.

What is the function of RG6 cable?

RG6 cable is a coaxial type commonly used for domestic video systems. It is most often used as a feed from an antenna or from a satellite dish to receivers. As well as RF signals, the cable can also be used to carry base band video signals although this is not a common application for this type of cable. There are a number of connectors used with it including F conectors, BNC, RF and UHF types.

What is the maximum video resolution of composite cable?

There are two answers for this question. The first deals with composite signals and the second deals with cable. So... Answer one. Composite signals carry color video as a single signal. The resolution is limited to 480 lines or 576 lines because they are the two standard definition line counts. The signals are below 6MHz and are analog. There is no composite signal that carries HD signals. Answer two The cable that carries composite signals is generally fairly poor quality but is sufficient for short links between a DVD and a television for example. Longer runs need a co-ax cable designed to run video signals. The cable is identified as a 75 Ohm cable, that being a characteristic of the cable required for standard video transmission. Although there are many different grades of co-ax cable, a reasonable quality cable is capable of running any composite signal and will also run digital video in standard and high definition as well. Most video signals use the same type of cable so strictly speaking, there is no such cable as "composite".

What type of cable do I use to connect directly to another computer over a switch?

You need a crossover cable for that.

How digital cable TV works?

A signal is sent through the cable at a much higher frequency than regular cable. Additional data is sent in this signal to support the original audio and video signals to ensure that they are received in much better quality than analog signals. This additional data and the type of signal sent is what allows the quality to be so much better than older analog signals.

Can I rewire a camera with a rj-11 type connector to a cord with audio video and power connectors how do I match the colored cables?

There are interfaces that can be used with RJ45 connectors and Cat 5 / 6 cable. Video and audio signals can be carried but you may have a problem with power, depending on the length of the line and the type of interface units you select. The interfaces are supplied in pairs, one to transmit the signal and the other to receive it and convert it back to standard video and audio signals. Try a search for "video over cat5" for suppliers.

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