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Root or Super User (SU)

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Q: Which username must generally perform system administration tasks in Linux?
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Which username must generally perform system administration tasks in Unix?

ROOT user

System administration tasks must generally be performed by which username?

System administration tasks must generally be performed by the 'Administrator' username. This is the default name but it may changed in user accounts settings.

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System handle means Username like- WHATS YOUR USERNAME: Jayson123

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Importance of system administration

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What does system administration generally mean in computer terminology?

System administration generally refers to configuring a computer or compter systems, software, Databases etc. It involves creating users, user groups, accesses, setting up network configurations, IP addresses and so on. It involves installing software patches such as the Operating System upgrades. It may also involves some amount of computer hardware knowledge.

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Username: Admin Password: Admin Please note the A letter is captive.

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The operation and maintenance of a Unix system.

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In Linux What user ID is associated with a new user?

It depends on system to system. Basically you can find that out by looking at the file "/etc/passwd" You can filter out the username you want to check using "cat /etc/passwd | grep username"

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