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Which wainscoting is fashionable?

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Raised panel and beadboard wainscoting are traditional and flat panel is transitional. In fact, Red tree or black oak wainscotings are very fashionable nowdays

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Do you like plastic wainscoting?

i personally don't like plastic wainscoting for me oak wainscoting is better

Which type of wainscoting do you like more?

i personally like wood or bamboo wainscoting and oak wainscoting is too great :)

Which wainscoting is better for bathroom?

Beadboard wainscoting is more common in bathrooms.

Can i paint wainscoting by myself?

Yes, if you can paint a wall, you can paint wainscoting.

What is Wainscoting Wallcovering?

Wainscoting wallcovering is system of wainscots, which covers and protects walls.

All about wainscoting?

There are plenty of sites on the Web for information on wainscoting. Just do a search.

What is wainscoting and wainscoting painting?

Wainscoting dates back to 16th century England, wainscoting was originally used to protect delicate plaster or stucco, provide insulation and cover water damage caused by poor construction practices. Traditional wainscoting was constructed of custom milled solid wood beadboard panels and trim. Wainscoting was brought to the United States by early English settlers.

What kind of wainscoting do you like more?

in my opinion red bamboo wainscoting is very beautiful

Where can you find detailed information about wainscoting?

You know, there are many sites where you can read detailed information about wainscoting, its installing, wainscoting panels, etc. just search some of them at google

Where can you buy wainscoting?

you can buy it everywhere, you can buy it by online Try online shops or wainscoting websites

What do you think about maigeri wainscoting?

I think that it is one of the most popular and beautiful styles of wainscoting nowadays

How can i install wainscoting?

Hey I found this video that can help you:

What is wainscoting?

Wainscoting (or wainscotting) is defined as decorative paneling placed beneath a chair rail or wainscot cap.

Wainscoting usage and advantages?

Wainscoting installing is very good way to protect walls in you bathroom, it is modern and beautiful

Which one is better maigeri wainscoting or oak wainscoting?

Both of tham are great... but i personally like maigeri wainscoting very much, because it has very modern design and its really very easy to install

Wainscoting or Anaglypta Wallcovering?

I prefer Wainscoting as it is more durable. Anaglypta Wallcovering is stylish too, but it's easy to be damaged.

Is wood wainscoting more expensive than plastic?

Yes, it is - especially, oak and red tree wainscoting is very expensive.

Which wainscoting is most popular in US?

In the U.S., where the traditional style is more prevalent, rasied panel wainscoting is mostly observed.

Is wainscoting installing expensive?

The installation itself shouldn't be expensive. The truly expensive parts of wainscoting lie in the custom creation of the panels.

Where to get more information about wainscoting and wall panelling?

there are several sites where you can get detailed information about wainscoting just google it and u'll find some of them --------------------------------------------------------

How do you end wainscoting on an outside corner?


Why is wood wainscoting more expensive than plastic?

Because it is more serious and classic and i personally like wood wainscoting very much too

Is it true that wainscoting protects wall?

Protects them from what? Wainscoting was initially created to protect walls from mud and water but is no longer necessary. Now it's done for decoration.

How to contact to wainscoting expert?

Experts for wainscoting are few and far between. Do a Web search or ask you local hardware store and you should get a good wainscot pro.

Wainscoting reinstalling tips?

You can apply for wainscoting experts and they will help you with wainscoting reinstalling. You can apply online too. If you have already decided to reinstall winscoting by yourself collect necessary tools and start reinstalling from the left side. Note that it's usually difficult to unfix the first panel.