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Which was developed before the MRI the cotton gin steel the DVD or phonographs?

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Steel was develped first in the 13th century.

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Which substance is a better heat insulators steel and cotton?


Which material will feel colder after taken out from a refrigerator steel or cotton?


Developed a process for changing iron into steel?

Henry Bessemer developed a process for changing iron into steel. The process is called the Bessemer process. It was developed in 1855.

Why is cotton buds made out of cotton?

Because it is soft what do you think? should it make by steel wool?

Who developed the steel plow?

John Deere

Who developed the steel industry in the US?


Who developed stainless steel sinks?


What new uses for steel were developed at this time?

Some uses for steel when it was first developed was the use of it for railroads. Also, it was used for buildings, structures, and bridges.

Is 3 kilograms of cotton heavier than 2 kilograms of steel?

Yes, 3 kilograms of cotton (or anything else) is heavier than 2 kilograms of steel (or any other substance).

Why it is more convenient to store steel than cotton?

cos cotton can go all stringy but metal stays the same

Who owns the broken steel?

Broken steel was published and developed by Bethesda Softworks. Hope this helps

What are three products created by the tang dynasty?

cotton, steel, gunpowder

What are some of the south technology of the 1800s?

cotton gin &steel plow

What is the grade of steel SUY?

Steel grades are used to classify steel by their compositions and physical properties and was developed by several international standards. The grade of steel SUY is 1.

Developed the steel plow?

A man named John Deere invented the steel-tipped plow in 1837.

John deer developed the first what?

John Deere developed the first successful steel plow in 1837.

What are the materials of shoes?

steel iron plastic fiber glass rubber and cotton

Which industry was most successful in the new south?

CoTTon AnD StEEl MiLLs..ApeX!

What musical instrument was developed in Trinidad?

it would have to be the steel drum

Is steel stronger than bronze?

Steel is stronger than bronze, bronze was developed around 3500 BC and steel much latter, both are alloys.

Is bronze harder than steel?

Bronze is not stronger than steel, broze was developed around 3500 BC and steel much latter, both are alloys.

What materials are used for soccer shoes?

Leather, rubber, polyester, cotton, plastic, steel.

What weights more a ton of steel or ton of cotton?

they are both the same because its a ton

What are two main industries in India?

Iron & Steel industry Cotton & Textile industry

Does 1 pound of steel weights more than 1 pound of cotton?


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