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No matter what each of you looks like the baby could turn out looking completely white or black, but it has a greater chance of looking more white if the black parent is fair and the white parent is blonde or redheaded. If the white parent has red hair(and red hair is recessive) the parents should be blonde or redheaded as well. This gives the child a greater chance of having light or red hair. The white parent should have blue or gray eyes. It helps if the black parent has any of these traits.

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Are bulls black in color?

Bulls can vary in color depending on genetics and regions. Bulls can be black in color, though.

What color horses to breed to make black and white paints?

it all depends on color genetics

Why does your Yorkshire Terrier have one white claw the rest black?

Genetics determine what color your Yorkshire Terrier paws are. Genetics also help determine their eye color and the color of their fur.

Why are some Pembroke Welsh Corgi Black?

they are tri color, my pembroke welsh is black its just how they are, genetics

What color would a blue eyed woman and green eyed man's child be?

It depends who's genetics are stronger.

What color foal do you get when you breed a bay mare and color stallion?

Anything from a black bay to a straight color - equine coat color genetics are complicated.

What color of kittens will you get if you breed a tuxedo cat and a bi color white with gray cat?

it depends on the cats genetics, the most likely pair would be gray or black tuxedos or black or gray patch. black is a more dominant color so you most likely will have black

What color should you color your ninja?

blue or black

What color are grasshoppers wings?

This varies due to genetics. Typically they are black and orange, but some can have solid green wings.

How common are gray eyes in humans?

Grey eyes are not common in genetics. Most eyes in humans are blue, brown, or black in colour. Genetics is the key of what color the human eye tends to be.

What color should you dye your hair if you have black eyebrows?

if your white a redish color if your black a light brownish color

What color iPhone should you get?


What color shirt should you wear with black pants?

Any color if your pants are all black

Is the black Jaguar stronger than a regular jaguar?

Black jaguars are nothing more than a color variation. If they were to live in a denser, darker area of the rainforest, their color would equip them to survive longer, but as far as being stronger than a "normal" jaguar, no.

What color jewelry to wear with a black dress and black shoes?

you should wear your favorit color or a color that matches the occasion.

My Girlfriend has black hair and I have fair hair what will our baby's hair be?

It depends on genetics, meaning that it would be difficult to tell you the answer without doing detailed genetic work. It depends on both of your genetics, meaning not only your hair color but your families hair color as well.

If your hair is black and you carry the brown hair gene and your mates hair is brown what color hair will your children have?

Hair color genetics are complicated. Your child could actually have any color hair, from blond (less likely) to brown or black (more likely).

Why do you have different color eyes?


Eye pigmentation and genetics of eye color?

The genetics of eye color are more complicated than previously thought. Color is determined by multiple genes. The genetics of eye color are so complex, that almost any parent-child combination of eye colors can occur.

What color socks should you wear with black tennis shoes?


What color should your eyebrows be if your hair is blue black?

brown or black

What color should halibut fillets be?


What is human genetics?

Human genetics are the blue print of the human body. Genetics give a person everything from sex to skin color.

What color should i color King Tutankhamun?

Gold blue and and black for eyeliner.

How do horses get their color?

Basic genetics, DNA