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Sugar should dissolve faster in a liquid.

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Sugar dissolve faster in water.

Sugar dissolves faster than salt in water. Salt has stronger bonds than sugar. That what makes sugar dissolve faster (because it has weaker bonds and structure than salt).

Sugar is less dense than salt, leading to it dissolving faster.

Sugar dissolves faster than salt in water. Salt has stronger bonds than sugar. That what makes sugar dissolve faster (because it has weaker bonds and structure than salt)

Yes. Sugar is much thinner than salt, therefore it will dissolve faster than salt, which is much denser in comparison.Yes it does.

will the dum dum dissolve faster in salt water or sugar or just water

i dk i guess sugar dissolve in water faster.

The particles in Sugar are much more loosely spread than the particles in Salt. Because of this, Vinegar breaks down Sugar faster than Salt. You should find this with most liquids, not just vinegar.

I would think it would dissolve faster in fresh water, as the fresh water doesn't have anything dissolved in it yet whereas the salt water has dissolved salts and so less room for the sugar molecules. A. yes; sugar does dissolve faster than salt does, in fresh water.

Things like: Sugar Salt Alcohol Soap Molecules liquids

Sugar dissolves in a liquid faster than salt does. The reason is that sugar is less dense as a solute than salt is, leading to it dissolving in the solvent faster as it would fit into the 'empty gaps' that the solvent has at a much faster rate, which is how substances dissolve.

No because sugar is insoluble solid.

Salt in both cases, and hot faster than cold water.

yes. The reason being that sugar is actually less dense than salt, leading to it actually dissolving faster in a solvent.

yes.The chemical structure of salt(NaCl) is simpler than that of the sugar (C6H12O6)

Well, it disolves faster in salt water based on the temperature.

Table salt and table sugar are both white and grainy. They both dissolve in water and other liquids.

which dissolve faster granules,table salt,crushed salt

salt dissolve faster because the baking soda went right to the bottom and the flour dissolved but it look like it did not dissolve because it went right to the bottom

It isn't really a matter of what would dissolve first, as it is which dissolves faster. Both would dissolve at the same time, but the sugar would dissolve faster, and in higher quantities. Sugar has a solubility of 211.5 g/100 mL of water where salt only is ~37 g/ 100 mL. Sugar still dissolves faster even though apple juice has 10.8 g of sugar per 100 mL, since the solubility is as high as it is, sugar would dissolve first.

Because sugar particles are tiny and dissolve! To where if you think of salt water, the particles are bigger and doesn't dissolve better. That's why oceans are salt water and if you get some in your mouth, its all salty because salt doesn't neccessarly dissolve!

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