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Which would choose OEM or a reman AC compressor on a 1996 Toyota Camry?

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OEM is usually only available through the dealer and as such is quite expensive. Remanufactured parts can be as good as new parts and sometimes even better, depending on the shop that performs the remanufacture and the type of part. An AC compressor is quite simple; there's not much to it actually so if a reputable rebuilder is distributing remanufactured compressors, I'd go for it and save the money.

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Get a reman compressor and don't bother dicking around with the lame one.

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Reman will be around 2000-2500 for the partReman will be around 2000-2500 for the part

How do i rewire a Toyota carb?

i have a 1988 Toyota corolla fx w/ a 1.6 liter manual transmission i am trying to replace carburetor with a reman replacement vapex pt#181-16131 the wiring connection is different what is necessary to do to install properly

What is causes your brake and battery lights to stay on in your 1989 Toyota corolla you have had the fuses and the wiring to the fuse box checked?

This is the best advise you will get. go to a Toyota dealer (Not any aftermarket parts store) and but a Toyota reman alternator. If you put an aftermarket alternator, you will have problems again. That's good advise from a former Toyota technician. Good luck.

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On a 1994 Cavalier can you use a dummy pulley instead of a blown compressor?

If the pulley is seized and you don't want to replace it with a new or reman one, there may be a few options. One is bypass the compressor completely. follow how the belt travels around the pullies, and how it would run if you just don't put it around the compressor. IF the compressor interferes with the travel then you can't. So you may want to consider a used one from a junkyard. If the compressor does not interfere, and the travel direction of the belt is possible, take a string and wrap it around exactly how the belt will go and by pass the compressor. Measure the string and take the original belt to the part store and tell the you want a belt like that but only "what ever the length of the string is" long. Some cars do not offer A/C so there may be no listing for one that doesn't have a/c. If the compressor is seized, replacing the pulley may not be an option. buy a belt for one with no AC there is no way to bypass this i have tried although they sell a pulley called a help pulley for 30.00 i put it in mine works fine

Where can you find a 5.9 Dodge Magnum engine for a 2000 ram truck?

Dodge dealer parts dept, other reman places like Jasper engines, local salvage yard, Ebay, Craigslist, etc.Dodge dealer parts dept, other reman places like Jasper engines, local salvage yard, Ebay, Craigslist, etc.

How much is a transmission for a 1997 Ford Aspire?

$750 for reman on but pull-a-apart is where i got mine from for 70 bucks.

How do you rebuild the supercharger for the 99 Mazda Milenia s?

you cant. even if you could, you cant get the parts for it. get a reman one from pse, or similar

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Why would a new alternator die in a 1994 Mustang GT after less than a half hour of operation?

Recheck the wiring. If ok, the alternator can be defective. defective poor quality reman...especially if from Auto Zone. NEVER EVER EVER buy a remanufactured electrical part from Advance. Their new (not reman) store brand ones aren't much better. If Advance is the only parts store you can get to and you absolutely have to have a starter or an alternator in your hands that very second, and a reman is all they've got,be sure to save the receipt 'cause you will be using the warranty.

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How expensive is an alternator for a 1987 Mazda b2200?

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Will a 2000 S10 2.2 motor fit in a 1998?

Advance Auto Parts shows different numbers for complete reman engine assemblies for 2000-1998.

How many transmissions filters on 2004 Mercury Grand Marquis?

One in the trans and there may be a filter on the cooler line if it had a trans replaced at the dealer or had a dealer reman installed.

How 2000 Ford Taurus Ac clutch replasement?

If the clutch has failed, it's probably time to replace the entire compressor. I wouldn't recommend just replacing the clutch, but if you decide to, you may need a specialty puller. Most auto parts retailers will lend/rent/sell you specialty tools in the hopes of selling you the parts for your car. If you tell them what you're trying to do they'll also give you some specific instructions. I own a 2001 Ford Taurus and a 2000 Mercury Sable with 3.0 L 12 V and a 3.0 24 v Duratech AND live in Las Vegas so I went though replacement of a compressor or two. It makes absolutely no sense to just replace the clutch since it's virtually impossible to remove the clutch from the compressor without removing the unit from the vehicle. This means that you will have to clear out the system and then refill it anyhow, and chances are that if the clutch went, the compressor is next. A NEW compressor at Autozone is about $250 with a new clutch. DO NOT get a remanufactured unit since they are usually good for only about a year before they fail again. This is from experience and after two reman units, I finally bought a new unit and two years of Las Vegas summers and everything is fine.