Which would win in a fight between a rhinosaurus or tiger?

The rhinosaurus would win. The rhino weighs two tons (4000 lbs) and the tiger weighs 600 lbs. If the tiger would be stupid enough to attack the rhino, he couldn't even manage to penetrate the rhino's thick hide. Although the rhino doesn't have the claws and deadly jaws that the tiger has, he can smash the tiger against the dirt, or a tree, or throw him up into the air with his horn, backed up by two tons of thrust.

This is like comparing an 18-wheeled semi-truck with 20 caliber machine guns blazing, against a train. The truck, with all it's weight and stinging bullets, is going to get blasted, run over, and crushed by the bigger, heavier, solid-steel train coming at it at full force.

Bye, tiger.