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Its Chris jericho's theme

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Q: Which wwe wrestler's theme song is break the walls down?
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Who's theme is break the walls down?

It's Chris Jericho's theme.

Jerichos first entrance theme?

Break the walls down

What is Chris Jericho's theme called?

Y2J Break The Walls Down

What is the theme of music of the heart?

if you are talking about lionheart chris jerico, its break the walls down.

What machine was used to break down castle walls and gates?

The machine used to break down castle walls and gates was called a battering ram. They also used catapults to break down the walls.

Who are the two wrestlers with down with the sickness as their theme song?

monty brown and michael shane

What is Y2J's entrance song?

break the walls down

What device can break down castle walls?

A siege engine

What disease do the alveolar walls break down?

pulmonary embolism

What is the dx theme tune called?

Break It Down.

What is the name of dx theme song?

"Break It Down"

Who sings crank the walls down theme song?

Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster

Who sings break down?

Chris Warren sang D-generation X 'Break It Down' theme song.

Who sings Chris Jericho's song?

I believe it is ''break the walls down!!!

What is the best walkout song for a MMA fighter?

break down the walls

What is the name of wwe dx's theme song?

break it down

What is DX theme first song called?

the first DX theme song is called Break It Down

What causes respiratory distress that accompanies emphysema?

Break down in aveolia walls

Why where trebuchets made?

To throw large stones and break down castle walls.

Who sings jeri-show theme music?

Its Crank The Walls Down By Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster

What is dx's entrance music called?

Their entrance theme is "Break It Down"

What is the trebuchets purpose?

A trebuchet is a weapon to break down castle walls and kill the enemy.

What are good wrestling theme songs?

some of the best themes are chris Jericho break down the walls,Jeff hardy no more words,dolph ziggler i am perfection,Evan bourne born to win,sting slay me,Kurt angle tna theme,Kevin Nash, Jeff hardy modest.

Who sings DX theme song?

The chris warren band- break it down

How could a ditch stop people attacking the castles?

The ditch was the moat, and it might be dry or full of water. In order to attack a castle, you had to break through the gate, go over the walls, or break the walls down. The moat made it difficult to get to the gate, if there was a drawbridge, made it very hard to get ladders or siege towers to the walls to go over them, and made it very hard to dig under the walls to break them down, especially if it was full of water.