Whig party symbol?

It's an owl - the top half is blue with 4 stars on, a white band separates the top from the bottom of the owl, the bottom half is red and it's sitting on a red branch.

BLUE - represents Liberalism

RED - represents Conservatism

THE WHITE BAND - represents Liberals and Conservatives meeting on

common grounds, in other words meeting in the middle

THE FOUR WHITE STARS - represent the American government: judicial

branch, legislative branch, executive branch, and the American Voter.

The Owl represents and symbolizes: Wisdom, truth, patience, foresight,

guardian, protection, learning, wealth, power, intelligence, brilliance,

knowledge, intuition (perception), messages (communication), silent

observation, independence, bravery, transition, longevity, reincarnation,


That is the symbol of the Modern Whig Party. The historical Anti-Jacksonian Whig party symbol was the owl, but it had a different color scheme, and different goals than the modern incarnation.