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While in the heat of the moment how can a woman tell her man she disagrees with his judgment and will refuse to comply while at the same time give him the respect he needs?


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It's like learning about corporate business in a way. When you make deals you have to throw the person you are dealing with something, so you take something small and make them think they are getting a deal and everyone is happy. Sound crass? You bet it is, but it's what makes the world go round in the business world. You are one smart woman to have figured out that you need to leave a man with his manhood while not totally agreeing with his opinion or some decisions he is making. The problem with heated arguments is we usually don't listen and miss good points in each other's opinions. He has some good points and so do you, so instead of getting to the point of heated anger why not take a little of both and combine it? It works because my husband and I do it all the time. The second you lose control and shout or name-call you have just lost the battle, but not the war (if you are smart.)