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A potato has lots of nutrients and so it is a good food. The thing that changes it from a good food is the size of the potato and the choice of toppings. We have found that chili (meat and beans), jalapenos, green onions and other light toppings are not too bad. Also, moderation is key. An alternative would be "rosemary potatoes," which you can find on the web. A good website is one by the USDA.

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Is watching TV and eating bad for you?

No, a lot of people eat while watching tv.

Can you lose weight by watching a movie everyday?

Not by simply watching the movie. It is recommended that you exercise to loose weight. You can, however, exercise while watching the movie, potentially making your exercise a more enjoyable experience.

What is the tagalog word for while?

Whie - Habang, as in: Kumakain ako HABANG nanonood ng TV. - I am eating WHILE watching TV.

Does watching TV help us to gain weight?

Yes. And if you eat ice cream while watching TV, that helps even more.

How can I lose weight while still being, in essence, a couch potato?

There is no simple way of losing weight. Every form of weight loss comes with some sacrifice or effort. Eating less and moving more is the foundation to weight loss though as in any lifestyle change a certified physician should be consulted before beginning.

Why it is not advisable to eat while watching television?

When you eat while watching television, you tend to eat more than you would otherwise, and can gain too much weight. Plus you may eat more snack type foods while watching television, which isn't healthy for you.

Can an over weight person lose weight by eating healthy while pregnant?

Depends really are you jus eating healthy or are yuhh doin otha stuff wit it...

What are signs that your metabolism has speed up?

Eating more while not gaining any weight.

How do you gain weight while pregnant?

By eating a lot. Nuts, cheese and pasta recommended.

Will a sugar free diet help you lose weight?

The best way to lose weight is healthy eating and regular exercise. While a sugar free diet will not make you directly lose weight it will assist you in eating healthy.

What was the decree that freed slaves of the south called?

Suck my fcking dik while im taking a bath and eating fried chicken while watching anime p0rno

Why was the potato considered alive and the potato chip as not?

potato can grow while potato chips can not grow therefore potato is considered to be alive and potato chip is not.

Can a person grow to 100 feet while eating constantly?

No they cannot. Most likely they will gain weight by eating constantly not grow in height.

What cause weight gain?

Here we have listed the prime causes for weight gain:Eating foods that are labeled low fat: Do you know, some low fat food contains a high sugar level high levels of sugar. High sugar foods can also contain lots of calories and so contribute to weight gain.Stress and anxietyEating food while watching TVSide effect of many drugsLack of Sleep

Is eating barbecue potato chips while taking a dump morally wrong?

yes, morally correct to eat would be salt & vinegar chips.

Can you eat hedgehog?

Yes. I was surprised to learn this while watching My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding on Lifetime. They talked about catching hedgehogs and eating them.

How do you help children cope with grief of losing someone from death?

yOU GET OVER IT BY EATing icecream and watching movies while crying or go to a therapist

Is the Gainer phenomenon being studied as a potential eating disorder?

I've been wondering this for a while, and I think it should be studied as an eating disorder. As a Gainer myself, it is hard to NOT try to gain weight. I am good for a while, then I relapse. I never gained much weight, but if my metabolism was slow I would gain quite a lot of weight.

What is the cause of teen weight gain?

Okay let's say your watching tv. and your on facebook and your eating some chips. Your so focused on everything else and you just eat while your distracted. Or your parents have unhealthy habits. Or you can eat while your stressed out. If there is no underlying medical condition the main reasons are overeating and lack of exercise

How do you get heoatitus?

by eating ice cream and or frozen yogurt at the same time but you could be watching Fred the movie while eating and then choke by laughing so much that you may possibly pass out on your kitchen floor.:)

Who in one direction cried while watching Marley and Me?

Liam cried while watching Marley and Me. :)

Does not drinking water immediately after eating help in reducing waste?

Not that i heard of, it might actually increase it but water will help you decrease weight while eating meals.

Is fasting good for losing weight?

The problem with fasting is that while you do lose weight, you also suffer from malnutrition, which can make you sick. It is much better to simply eat less, rather than eating nothing. People who fast often do lose some weight while fasting, but immediatley return to their previous weight after resuming normal eating. In fact may experience a net weight gain after a fast.

How do you write 'watching' in french?

I am watching : je regarde while watching (participle): en regardant

Why Eating better but gaining weight?

while you are eating better you're still eating too much. the average person needs only 2000 calories to maintain their weight. if you're getting over that and not burning them off you'll gain weight. for every 3500 extra calories you gain one pound of fat.