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john mcgee

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Q: Who actually shot Michael Collins?
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How did Michael Collins died?

He was ambushed and shot dead.

Where was Michael Collins shot?

Beal na mBlath, County Cork

What year did Michael Collins die?

Michael Collins was shot and killed on the 22 August 1922 during the Irish Civil War. He was 31 years old.

Did devalara have Collins shot who shot Michael Collins?

That is not known for sure, but is unlikely that it was done by DeValera. It is more likely to have been done by former colleagues who disagreed with Collins. He was shot in his own part of the country, so it is a likely explanation, but it is not known for certain. There are many theories.

Who killed Michael Collins?

A guy called denis o'neill killed Michael Collins!! No-one knows for sure who fired the shot, as there were bullets flying everywhere, so there was chaos.

Who famous Irish leader was shot and killed during the Irish civil war?

Michael Collins.

Is Michael collins alive?

Michael Collins IS ALIVE

Where does Michael Collins live?

Michael Collins resides in south Florida.

How tall is Chad Michael Collins?

Chad Michael Collins is 6'.

Why did Michael Collins became a scientist?

Michael Collins didn't become a scientist, Micheal Collins was assassinated

Did Michael Collins have kids?

Michael Collins had three kids, Ann, Kate and Michael jr.

What is the birth name of Chad Michael Collins?

Chad Michael Collins's birth name is Chad M. Collins.

What were the guys that went to the moon with Neil Armstrog?

Their names were Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins. Collins stayed in the command module, and did not actually walk on the moon.

What is Michael Collins's birthday?

Michael Collins was born on October 31, 1930.

When was Michael Collins released?

Michael Collins was released on 10/11/1996.

What was the Production Budget for Michael Collins?

The Production Budget for Michael Collins was $25,000,000.

Was Michael Collins a drinker of alcohol?

Actually, Michael Collins did drink alcohol but not in excess. Like some men of Collins' era, Collins did not take the pledge (renouncing alcohol, whether one had trouble with alcohol or not. The pledge relied on one enduring act of will to keep sober for life)

Where can you find information about Michael Collins?

Click on the link to your right for information about Michael Collins.

Julia Collins sister Michael Collins county cork Ireland?

No she is not his sister. Julia Collins was Michael's Mother.

Is the stig Michael schumacer or joe holman?

It is actually niether! iThe stig is actually a rally driver from Bristol called Ben Collins!

Was Michael Collins protestant?

Michael Collins was Roman Catholic; see also the link below.

When did Michael Collins the astronaut retire?

Michael Collins stepped down in 1970

Which astronaut was aboard Apollo 11 but did not walk on the Moon?

Michael CollinsMichael Collins

How much money did Michael Collins gross worldwide?

Michael Collins grossed $27,572,844 worldwide.

When was Michael Collins - soundtrack - created?

Michael Collins - soundtrack - was created on 1996-10-01.