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The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court administers the oath to the President. There is no designated person to swear in the vice-president, however. That is up to the Vice President elect.

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Q: Who administers the oath to the vice president on inauguration day?
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How is the Judicial Branch involved in the Presidential inauguration?

The Chief Justice of the United States (Supreme Court) typically administers the oath of office to the incoming President. Another justice may swear in the Vice-President. Senior Justice John Paul Stevens administered the oath to Vice-President Biden at the 2008 inauguration.

Who administers the oath of office to the US president?

The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court performs this function at planned inauguration ceremonies. If the president dies and the vice-president has to be sworn unexpectedly, the oath may be administered by anyone legally able to administer an oath- such as a judge, or even a Justice of the Peace.

Who is involved in the inauguration?

The new president and vice-president begin their terms on this day and take the oath for their offices. The chief justice of the US administers the oaths. What other people are involved depends on the year and the President and the planners of the event.

Who administers the oath office to the vice president?

try google. sorry. no one knows. :( :( :( I need this for homework!

What time is the oath taken on inauguration day?

The Vice President swears in just before noon and the president swears in at about noon.

When will Joe Biden be the new vice president of the USA?

As soon as he takes the oath of office at Obama's inauguration.

What day does the president take his oath?

The newly elected President of the United States takes the oath of office on January 20th, which is Inauguration Day. If the President dies, the vice president takes the oath as soon as practicable and becomes President.

Is the oath for president and vice president the same?

No, the President's Oath is written in the Constitution. The Vice President's Oath is the same oath that members of Congress take and was not written in the Constitution, but the Constitution does require that the VP be bound by an Oath.

What happens during the presidential inauguration?

During the presidential Inauguration the old president of the United States moves out of the white hose and the new one moves in. During the Inauguration the president and the vice president elects are sworn into office or formally inducted. The president needs to say the oath of office.

Who gives oath to vice president?


Is the oath of office required when the president dies and the vice president becomes president?

No, the oath is not required.

Who attends the inauguration?

the president,vice president,outgoing president,etc. the president,vice president,outgoing president,etc.

What time is the inauguration PST?

The Presidential Inauguration will be on Tuesday, January 20th, 2009, beginning at 08:30 AM PST {Pacific Standard Time} The Oath of Office for the President will be at 9am PST. The Vice President's will be sworn in about 10 minutes before that.

Who gives oath to the vice president in India?

president of india

Where does the president say the oath?

He typically takes it on inauguration day, standing on the a platform built on the steps of the capitol.If January 20 is on Sunday, he may be sworn in, inside the capitol or maybe at the White House in a private ceremony. Vice-presidents who assume the office because of the death of the president, take the oath at a spot convenient to where they happen to be.

Where did presidents and vice presidents take the oath?

They take their presidential oaths at Capitol Hill, at their inauguration.

When is the oath of office given to the president?

Beginning in 1937, Inauguration Day is January 20. Of course, in the event that the Presidency is vacated due to death or resignation, the Vice President is sworn in as soon as possible.

Who becomes president if the president-elect dies before the inauguration?

The Vice-President Elect.

Who succeeds an elected president if he dies before the inauguration?

The vice-president elect.

How old does vice-president have to be at least?

35 on Inauguration Day

What happens if obama dies before the inarguation?

If (God Forbid) the President Elect would die before the Inauguration, the Vice-President elect would then take the oath of office (in this case - Joe Bidden).

Why did Thomas Jefferson quit as vice president?

Thomas Jefferson did not quit as Vice President. His term as Vice President ended on the day of his first presidential inauguration.

What does the Chief Justice do at the Inauguration?

The Chief Justice swears in the president-elect and vice president

Why does vice president take oath first?

the old guy

If the president dies does the vice president automatically become president or does he have to take the oath of office?

The oath of office has never been required, but it is formal and traditional to take the oath of office.