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Who all was involved in the war?

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Iran verses Iraq with the US and other nations closely monitoring it in the Persian Gulf.

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Was Africa involved in World War 1?

no not at all they were not involved in the first world war

What oceans were involved in World War 2?

All of the oceans were involved in World War 2.

Why was England involved in the Vietnam War?

The United Kingdom (including England) was not at all involved in the Vietnam war

Who all used machine guns in World War 1?

Who all ever was involved in the war.

What are some wars that involved Israel?

Israel was involved in the Lebanon War. They were also involved in the Arab-Israeli war. Another war they were in was the Persian Gulf war. These all took place in different years though.

Was America involved in the gulf war?

The US was involved in all three Golf Wars.

What states were involved in world war 2?

All of them

What races was involved in the Korean war?

All races.

Is second lieutenant involved in war?

Yes all commissed officers are involved in the organisation of the troops

What coordinated all government agencies involved in the war effort?

Office of war mobilization

Where all states involved in the cold war?

All the states of the United States were.

Who else was involved in World War 2?

World War II, was just that - a world war. Almost every country was involved. Russia, Germany, all of Europe, India and China were involved. Amost 60 million people died in the war.

Why was it called World War 1 if not all countries were involved?

World War I was also called 'The Great War'. It was given that name because it involved all of the world's great powers or most influential and important countries.

Who was involved in the revelutionary war?

Who was involved in the Revelutionary War and why?

What was the war of 1756-1763 that involved almost all of Europe?

The French & Indian War

How does a war become a world war?

When all of the major powers are involved and usually, when the war takes place all over the WWII did.

What continents where involved with World War 1?

All of the continents, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, North America, and South America, with the exception of Antarctica, were involved in World War I.

What empires were involved in World War 1?

The British, German, Austro-Hungarian, Russian, Ottoman and Japanese Empires were all involved in the First World War.

Why were Malaysia involved in the Vietnam war?

All nations declined to get involved with the war except US, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Philippines, ROK, and the RVN.

The war between France and England involved the US because?

All of these

What wars are Norway involved in after World War 1?

all of em'

Why did the war move all over the place?

different countries were involved

How was Wold War 1 a world or global war?

The countries involved had colonies all over the world, and they were at war too.

What are all the countries directly involved in World War 2?

All of the countries directly involved in world war 2 were Germany,Italy,Japan,France,Great Britain,China,Russia,and America

How was canada involved in the cold war?

they were involved in the war because when britain was at war canada was at war too.