Who answers all these questions on WikiAnswers?

I do, although it could have easily been someone else.
I do, although it could have easily been someone else.
Everyone! Anyone can share their knowledge or ask questions on WikiAnswers. That's what makes it a WIKI. If you know the answer to an unanswered question, you can share it. If you see an answer that you can expand on, you can edit it. If you see an answer that's just flat-out incorrect, you can update it. We encourage users to research answers thoroughly.

More takes from WikiAnswers contributors:
  • It could be anyone at all, even your next door neighbor. WikiAnswers is a collaborative effort. There are many people working out the answers here at the site. Your question was answered by a WikiSupervisor who happened to see it.

    Join the effort! Cruise a category that interests you and find a question you know something about. Everyone is an expert on something... find your category.
  • Users do. That is the beauty of this site. We ask our own questions and answer those of each other. It is a fairly easy way to share information. Now, since this is composed of user-generated content, you can't be sure that every single answer is true. This site is not a substitute for research, but it is a good and helpful place to start.
  • Any contributor can come to WikiAnswers and browse questions. If they know the answer, they can answer it.
  • Some people research their answers, just like me. I sometimes know the answer too. And there are people that work in the field, have hobbies and life experiences and read a lot. Everyone has something useful to contribute.
  • If the person who answered a question is a registered user, you'll be able to see who answered (and award them a trust point -- if they have earned it, of course).
  • Anyone who visits can ask questions, and also can answer questions. We are ordinary people from many different countries; most of the regulars have become addicted to the site because it is so much fun to find questions to answer, and to interact with others who come to visit. We are not paid, and we are not recruited. There may be some people connected with support or site development who get compensation of some kind; I don't really know for sure. We were talking about a possible conference at some time; I think that idea is on the back burner at this point.
  • All registered and unregistered users from around the world write the answers on WikiAnswers.com.
  • WA gets its answers from contributors around the world. They may be an expert or specialist in an area of knowledge; they might be a general genius willing to share anything and everything they know; or they might be the average person on the street with access to the Internet and some vague idea of what the right answer to a question is. Some answers are researched thoroughly in order to get the most correct information possible; others are just a quick note made by someone who watched a documentary once.
  • The questions on WikiAnswers are answered by others who come to the website. Some of them may be people who actually know the answers, or who take the time to look them up, while others are just kids who think typing silly stuff in as answers is a fun thing to do, not realizing the problem that causes for others who are looking for real answers.
  • My son does - for homework!
  • Anyone who feels called to do it. If the answers are spam or are wrong we try to fix it.
  • Volunteers may have education in a specific area, or a question may be on a subject they enjoy. Some volunteers are professionals, or answer questions that pertain to their daily work. And contributors are good at doing research online or off-line. Other contributors simply have life experience and accumulated knowledge, which gives them a wide area of personal knowledge.
  • The greater the number of "trust points" the answerer has, the more likely the answer is correct - as best as the answerer knows.
  • You can see who the last person to edit a particular answer was by looking just underneath the answer itself. Their username is also a link to their member home page, which may (or may not) provide more details on who they are.
  • A good many people that work in particular fields or are educated in special areas may roam around certain topics using their knowledge to answer questions. Many people on here that ask questions may spend some time answering questions as well. And then there are the supervisors that watch over particular topics and those that roam around many topics that will spend some time answering questions. Answers to questions asked here are the product of a large community effort.

All answers on WikiAnswers are given by voluntary contributors. Nobody has to answer anything unless they want to give up their own free time to do so. They always make a personal choice to give an answer and then what to say. When they answer a question, they usually try to give as much information as they think is relevant to the actual question asked. You will have a much better chance of getting an early answer to your question if you place it into the right Category! Unless you do that, your question may not be answered for a long time because it won't be seen by contributors who know about the subject of the question.
If it was placed into the wrong Category your question would have to wait until a Supervisor finds it and moves it to an appropriate Category where it will be seen by the someone who may wish to contribute an answer.
People who are members here and others as well. People from all over the world.

Anyone who visits can post or edit any answer. Generally, however, questions are edited by those users that feel comfortable with the subject matter.