Who are capitalists?

Capitalists are people who control the means of production. They own a lot of capital, such as infrastructure and machines. Capitalists hire Workers for labor. In contrast to the capitalists, workers do Not own the means of production. They usually produce a material object or commodity, the product which they don't own either. The workers sell their labor in return for paper things that support the value of their work.
In this system, workers who work hard to make sandwiches are paid 20 times lower wages than an engineer. This is because there exists great division in labor. A sandwich-maker possesses less skill (easier skills to obtain) than an engineer. Thus, society through use of money, tells the engineer that they Value the amount of labor he does more than they value the sandwich makers. But...then, shouldn't farmers and house-construction workers and mothers make the most money of all? When did money stop becoming something we gifted people we valued, but something else, something alien?