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Who are some famous Elizabethan actors?

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Famous Elizabethan actors Edward Alleyn (1566 - 1626) Robert Armin (1568 - 1615) Christopher Beeston (1570 - 1638) Richard Burbage (1567 - 1619) Henry Condell (1568 - 1627) Nathan Field (1587 - 1619) John Heminge (1556 - 1630) William Kempe (1560 - 1603) John Lowin (1576 - 1659) William Rowley (1585 - 1642) William Shakespeare (1564 - 1616) Joseph Taylor (1586 - 1652)

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Who performs in an Elizabethan play?

Elizabethan actors originally performed in Elizabethan plays. Nowadays, modern actors perform in them.

What is the best example of Elizabethan literature?

Shakespeare is the most famous author to write during the Elizabethan era. Some of his most famous work are Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet, and Hamlet. He is also famous for a his many sonnets.

Can you Give me some information on Elizabethan Playwrights?

Shakespeare was the most famous playwright. Christopher Marlowe was also a famous playwright during that time.

How did people feel about or regard actors in the Elizabethan era?

Actors in the Elizabethan era were regarded as acting troupes. The groups of actors would travel and live together.The Elizabethan actors performed for more higher societies, namely nobility and high status people.

What famous scientist lived during the Elizabethan age?

Galileo was the most famous Elizabethan/Jacobean scientist, credited with inventing the telescope among other things. Galileo was the most famous Elizabethan/Jacobean scientist, credited with inventing the telescope among other things.

What gender were the actors in Elizabethan times?

In Elizabethan times, I believe all the parts were played by males.

How was Elizabethan theater related to William shakespeare?

Shakespeare was one of the great playwrights and actors of Elizabethan time. His plays were often performed in Elizabethan theater.

Is the orb a famous Elizabethan Theater?

No. The name of the theatre was The Globe.

Who was the most famous playwright of the Elizabethan Age?

William Shakespeare

What are the most famous plays of the Elizabethan era?

The plays of Shakespeare.

What was the surname of a famous Elizabethan painter of miniatures?


Could Elizabethan actors be executed?

yes duddy

Actors in Elizabethan theater were all what?

They were all males.

How were actors viewed during Elizabethan era?


Who are some Famous Actors in Spain?

Who are some famous actors of Spain? Antonio Banderas, Penelope cruz and david bisbal(singer).

What is an acting troupe?

a acting troupe is a group of actors some of these groups were named from Elizabethan era.Elizabethan Acting Troupes:*Lord Strange's Men*Chamberlain's Men*Admiral's Men*King's Men

Who are famous French ballet dancers?

Marius Petipa, Elizabethan Dance. Information about Elizabethan Other French dancers.

How were actors treated in Shakespeare time?

The reputation of the early Elizabethan Actors was not good and any were viewed as no better than rogues and vagabonds - actors were not trusted. The standing of Elizabethan Actors improved when the purpose-built theaters were introduced and some of the Globe Theater actors became the equivalent of today's superstars. Travelling Elizabethan Actors were considered such a threat that that regulations were imposed and licenses were granted to the aristocracy for the maintenance of troupes of players! Actors would be asked for these credentials - they were treated with suspicion! Plays were regulated! Plays were subject to censorship - the content of plays was checked to ensure that they did not contain political or religious elements which might threaten the state! Elizabethan plays were often bawdy and the audiences were rowdy!

What was a famous battle in Elizabethan times?

Perhaps the most famous is the sea battle against the Spanish Armada.

Who was a famous Elizabethan explorer and navy captain?

sir fransis drake

Who was a famous prose writer and politician of the Elizabethan age?

william shakespeare

What did Elizabethan actors use to show they had been stabbed?


Which famous actors are biracial?

Some famous biracial actors are Vin Diesel, Halle Berry, and Jennifer Lopez.

Why is the Elizabethan age famous for and why it is called so?

It was famous for Art, William Shakespeare, new foods,England became stronger and more richer, the reason it was called the Elizabethan age because she had so much power she ruled for a long rein and she was so famous.

Who are some famous child actors?

Some famous child actors are Macaulay Culkin, Dylan Sprouse, Giancarlo Esposito, and David Henrie. These people were some of the most talented child actors growing up.