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Who are some famous people in Chile?

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Pablo Neruda. He is a famous poet who won a Nobel prize in 1971. His birth name is Ricardo Eliever Neftali Reyes Baloalto. He was born in a small town in Parral.

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What are some major products of Chile?

Chile is famous for wine and grapes.

Who is a famous person from Chile?

Gabriela Mistral, Michelle Bachelet, and Cote de Pablo are some famous people from Chile. Other examples include Leonor Varela and Salvador Allende.

What do people grow in Chile?

i suck Chile is famous for the variety of fruits it grows and exports.

CHILE's Famous People?

Some famous people from Chile are the dictator Augusto Pinochet, the poet Pablo Neruda, Isabel Allende (writer), and Michelle Bachelet. In 2006, Michelle Bachelet became the first female president of Chile.

What are landmarks in Chile?

Some famous landmarks in Chile are : The Atacama Desert The Andes Mountain Range

Who are the most famous people in Chile?

If you want to know the answer for this, you have to go to Chile and find out yourself! The person who wrote this answer is in America, so he knows nothing about Chile.

Where are some famous landmarks in Chile?

vina del mar

What are some famous sports in Chile?

the most common sports in Chile are soccer, volleyball, tennis, racketball,swimming, Foseball .!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is the most famous food in Chile?

potatos and onions are the most famous foods in Chile

What are the famous places of Chile?

In Chile one of the most famous places is Easter Island.

Why is Chile a famous city?

Chile is not a city, is a country!!

Who are 3 famous people from Chile?

queen chili plus um.....some girl name Alexis Race ,plus Emily Anderson

Are ther any famous people from Chile?

idk but I'm trying to figure that out too if i find some ill let u know

What are some hobbies that people do in Chile?

what do chilean people ike to do

What are some famous monuments in Chile?

salar ae surire nielol till

What is Chile most famous for?

it is famous for its cigars

Who was born in Chile and famous in Chile?

Pablo Neruda (1904 - 1973) was a famous Chilean poet. He was born in Parral, Chile and studied at the University in Santiago.

Who are some famous Chile musicians?

i have no idea but i would also like too know!

What are some jobs in Chile?

There are many jobs available for people who lie in Chile. People can work in restaurants, department stores, or as police officers.

How do people dress in Chile?

people in Chile wear thongs and some times walk around bare but while the men wear speedos.

Do some people do weddings for famous people?

some people can' most people do if they are famous

What is the name of the famous desert in Chile?

the Atacama Desert which is located in northern Chile.

Which is the famous desert located in Chile?

The Atacama Desert is located partially in Chile.

Who are some famous people of haiti?

Who are some famous people in Haiti

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Who are some famous people from botswana?

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