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Del Rosario who invented the Karaoke sing-along system is not recognized as a inventor because it is believed that Japanese people invented the karaoke sing-along system before Del Rosario. Dingel also is an unrecognized Filipino inventor. His invention is the water powered car. It is believed that other international inventors invented the water powered car before Dingel. San Juan who is the inventor of the lunar rover is also an unrecognized inventor because other countries claimed that they have invented the lunar rover before San Juan can invent it. We have also Agapito flores the inventor of Flourescent Lamp.

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Q: Who are some unrecognized filipino inventors?
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Who are some Filipino inventors and their inventions?

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Who are some Filipino inventors in the field of medicine?

Dr. Paulo Campos, a Filipino inventor who invented a very first nuclear medicine.

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Roberto del Rosario is a Filipino who invented the sing-along system. Fe del Mundo is another Filipino who invented incubator and jaundice relieving device.

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I would say Angel Alcala. This is the only Filipino Scientist that I know of, and it's one of the top Filipino Scientists\Inventors.

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Angel Alcala is a Filipino inventor of artificial coral reefs and Benjamin Almeda is also a Filipino inventor who built a machine that process foods. Galileo was also an inventor, he builds his own telescope and Anton van Leeuwenhoek, who invented a modern microscope are some of the foreign inventors.

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Former president of the Filipino inventors' society. He was a physicist and inventor of process equipment for fiber cement manufacturing.

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Former president of the Filipino inventors' society. He was a physicist and inventor of process equipment for fiber cement manufacturing.

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Agapito Flores is the inventor of the florescent lamp. Pedro Flores created the yo-yo. Roberto del Rosario designed and created the karaoke machine. Pictures of these inventors and their inventions can be found online.

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