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Who are the Ibo of Nigeria?


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The Igbo, Ibo or Ebo are an African people or Tribe occupying much of Nigeria and the Cameroon whose total population is about is about 34 million worldwide. Consider them to be a tribe or a clan with a common language, and not separate race.

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Southeastern and South Nigeria. There are populations in the Cameroons

If this answers not good enough for you look it up not on here! some where in NIgeria.

There are many underlying assumptions: This is a book. This is a book about people in Nigeria This is a book about the Ibo people in pre-colonial Nigeria. This is a book about the Ibo people in pre-colonial Nigeria and their culture. Be more specific for a better answer.

Housa and Ibo or also known as (Igbo)

igbo people make up 26 percent of Nigeria's population

The novel takes place in pre-colonial Nigeria.

The Ibo of Nigeria have a pantheistic religion with gods assuming areas of responsibility in nature and human life. The general outline of their belief, ceremonies and the names of several of their gods are detailed at the link.

The richest igbo man is mr jonathan afam nweze from ojoto anambra state.

there are four but the main ethnic group is the IBOAnswer:Nigeria has more than 250 ethnic groups.The following are the most populous and politically influential:Hausa and Fulani 29%Yoruba 21%gbo (Ibo) 18%Ijaw 10%Kanuri 4%Ibibio 3.5%Tiv 2.5%

There are 250 ethnic groups. The four largest are Hausa, Fulani, Yoruba, and Ibo.

There are actually three main tribes in Nigeria: the hausa , the Yoruba, and the Igbo (also known as Ibo). Together, they account for approximately 68% of Nigeria's total population.Source: Geographica: The complete Atlas of the world, "Nigeria", (Random House, 2002).

I'm Grenadian and half of my family is from Nigeria the Ibo tribe...idk the other half though

Precolonial Ibo society is described as acephalous because the Ibo did not have one state or one ruler for all the Ibo. Instead, each Ibo village was autonomous.

Africa(:Edit: To be more specific, he was born in modern-day Nigeria and was a part of the Igbo (Ibo) tribe.Credit to Sam Ekpe

Yes, Ibo are from West Africa.

Ibo Bonilla was born in 1951.

Ibo District's population is 7,706.

Mathias Ibo was born in 1978.

Eze- means king in ibo

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