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* Governor Corzine * Senators Lautenberg and Menendez * Representatives Andrews, Holt, Pallone, Pascrell, Payne, Rothman and Sires * DNC Commitee members Burgos, Cryan, DeCotiis, Fischer, Murphy, Norcross, Redd and Samuelsfor a total of 18 Super Delegates.

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How many delegates does New Jersey have?


Who was the Delegate of New Jersey?

There were many delegates from New Jersey but the most well known is David Brearly.

What delegates supported the New Jersey plan?

William Patterson

What did the delegates of New Jersey propose?

They said suck my penis :D

Delegates from which state would most likely oppose the New Jersey plan?

new york.

How many super delegates does Wisconsin have?

74 delegates plus 18 super delegates democratic. 40 delegates republican

What are the best sports teams in New Jersey?

1 of em is New Jersey Nets nets in new jersey

What two plans of government did delegates consider?

the new jersey plan and the virginia plan

What two plans of government did the delegates consider?

the new jersey plan and the virgina plan

What five delegates represented New Jersey?

Perhaps you are asking about the New Jersey delegates who attended the Constitutional Convention in 1787. They were David Brearly, Jonathan Dayton, William Churchill Houston, William Livingston, and William Paterson. I enclose a link to biographical information about them.

Where is Super Bowl 48?

Rutherford new jersey

Where is the location of Super Bowl 48?

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Why didn't William Paterson's New Jersey Plan appeal to most delegates of the Philadelphia convention?

The New Jersey Plan was largely ignored by most delegates because it was seen as favoring the smaller states. It was also seen as not being conducive to the federal government's establishment.

Who was Delegate of new jersey in 1776?

The delegates of New Jersey in 1776 were David Brearly and William Paterson. Brearly supported the Revolution cause, which made the British to arrest him, while William Patterson represented New Jersey in the constitutional Convention.

Name two areas in addition to representation where two delegates reached compromises?

Virginia and New Jersey

What is the closest active volcano to New Jersey?

The majority of the entire state of New Jersey is actually a super volcano itself.

Where is the 2014 Super Bowl going to be held?

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How many democratic delegates does Oregon have?

The answer is 65. They have 52 regular delegates and 13 super delegates.

Where will Super Bowl 2012 take place?

in new jersey

What was the differences between The Virginia Plan and the New Jersey Plan?

The Virginia Plan was by the people where as the New Jersey Plan was by the states. The legislature consisted of two houses: Senate and House of representatives.Both consisted of three branches of government and both are necessary to reach an agreement.The Virginia plan appealed to the delegates from Mass. Penn., New York and Virginia.The New Jersey plan appealed to the delegates from Delaware, New Jersey and Maryland .The New Jersey plan was presented by William Paterson from New Jersey.and the Legislature only consisted of one house. The New Jersey Plan made small states equal the large states.virginia plan was presented by Ja'Ron KshawnSmith

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When and where was the US Constitution first drafted?

The delegates to the Constitutional Convention held in Philadelphia, PA drafted the United States Constitution. Three plans were presented to the delegates--the New Jersey Plan, the Virginia Plan, and Hamilton's Plan. The delegates finally accepted what came to be known as "The Great Compromise" which took parts from the New Jersey and Virginia plans. The delegates realized that compromise agreements would be necessary if they were to draft a new constitution for the nation. On Monday, August 6, 1787, the convention accepted the first draft of the Constitution. MrV

Which states participating in Super Tuesday 2008 have the most delegates?

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