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Who are the ancient Egyptian kings?


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They were called Pharaohs

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The pyramids were built as ancient tombs of Egyptian kings.

Where ancient egyptian kings were buried

"Pharaoh" is the title for ancient Egyptian kings.

Mummies, Pharoes, basically the kings and queens of ancient Egypt

The ancient egyptians build pyramids for the Egyptian pharoahs and kings.

Hatshepsut, Sobeknefru, and the Cleopatra's to name but a few.

they lived in pyramids and were kings of there village.

The ancient tombs of Egyptian kings were pyramids. Egyptian pharaohs were first mummified, then put in a sarcophagus (a thing like a coffin) and then the more important pharaohs were buried in the center of the pyramids.

The word literally means 'Great House' from the title of the ancient Egyptian Kings. From the Egyptian 'Pero'

The core point: They were thought of as gods by the Egyptain people.

i know what they wore they wore the best linen.

the pyramids were and still is the most important invention in ancient Egyptian time because, the pyramids were made for the kings and pharaoh and in Egyptian times they were the most important people in Egypt.

Because a lot of Ancient Egyptian pharaohs were buried there to avoid grave robbers.

Pharaohs were ancient Egyptian kings and served many religious and governmental purpose

There were no schools in Ancient Egypt. The Pharaoh would be instructed by private tutors.

because pharaohs is the Egyptian word for king (: hope this has helped

Well there were many gold necklaces,meiorrs,bread,instrimints,

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It assisted ancient Egypt in that the Nile separated two areas ruled by different kings.

Building the valley of the kings and tomb painting by the Egyptions

Valley of the Kings is a valley in Egypt where the Pharaohs were buried in ancient Egypt.

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