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The Yankees won the World Series this year, and have won the most world series title compared to other U.S. Baseball teams.

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Q: Who are the baseball world champions?
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World Series baseball champions?

Thge 2009 World Series Champions are the New York Yankees.

Who gets a World Series ring?

baseball champions

Who were the 1990 baseball world champions?

Cincinnati Reds

Why was the first world series in baseball played?

to determine the rightful champions of baseball

Who was the 2005 baseball champions?

if you mean World Series Champions, the Chicago White Sox, who defeated the Huston Astros

Who is Major League Baseball World Series Champion?

The actual mlb world champions are San Francisco Giants.

What is value of chuck tanner signed baseball stating 1979 World Series champions?


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Yes, Champions of England (Premier League), Champions of Europe (Champions League), Champions of the World (FIFA World Club Cup)

Which sport has a World Series?

The "World Series" has been played by Major League Baseball since 1903. The World Series is the last round of playoffs, played between the American League champions, and the National League champions.

What is the best baseball team in MLB?

New York Yankees, 27 time world series champions!

What is the World Series of Major League Baseball?

its the championship between the national league and American league champions

Who are the current World Cup champions?

Italy is the current world cup champions (2010)

Who are the rugby champions of the world?

South Africa are the current Rugby Union World Champions

Why are American Professional sports champions called World Champions?

In fact only baseball, uses the term world in its championship series. It is due to the fact that the best athletes from all over the world come here to compete. As professional athletes.

What country has the most world boxing champions?

Mexico; 107United States: 416 world champions

When did Champions World Class Soccer happen?

Champions World Class Soccer happened in 1994.

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The Black Socks are the New Zealand men's baseball team. They are the current world champions.

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We are the champions (of the world!)

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It was actually a double hit for Queen in 1977: "We Will Rock You"/"We Are the Champions."

How many times have the packers been world champions?

the packers have been world champions 12 times

What sports are Scotland World Champions in?

They are Men's Curling Champions but that is all that I know of.

Who are the current world champions for Rugby?

Current Union champions are South Africa

What is the value of a Diamond Little League baseball signed by the Valley Sports 2002 World Champions?

One thousand dollars

What sports have Brazil been world champions?

Brazil have been world champions at football. They have won five times.

Who is the defending champions of the 2011 Cricket World Cup?

Australia is the defending champions of the 2011 Cricket World Cup.