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there people who lived in Canada

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Q: Who are the english- speaking protestant settlers?
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Name three conflicts between Anglo settlers and Mexico?

Cultural Issues: Anglos, English-speaking settlers, soon began to outnumber Spanish-speaking Texans.Religious Issues: Anglos tended to be Protestant instead of Catholic.Mexico Outlawed Slavery: Many of the settlers were Southerners who brought their slaves with them.Hope This Helped!

Why are most French speaking Canadians Roman Catholics and English speaking Canadians Protestants?

Because though generations, the people followed their parents' religions. French migrants were largely Roman Catholics, while settlers of English origin had a protestant background.

What is the French Protestant settlers in South Carolina Colony the English?


What happened when the English tried to establish a protestant church in Ireland?

Oliver cromwell came in and attacked the Irish rebels so protestant settlers could have peace as well as the protestant church

What is the dominate American culture?

English-speaking,Western European,Protestant and middle-class in character.

How did the arrival of english-speaking white settlers change life for the mexicanos in the southwest?

The English speaking white settlers evicted the Apache and Mexicano communities from the South West. The United States army confined the Mexicanos in internment camps for 25 years as the colonialists settled on their land.

Who was the Northern Ireland Conflict between?

Nationalist: predominantly Catholic, descended from the native (formerly Gaelic-speaking) population. Unionist: predominantly Protestant, descended from Scottish/English colonists in the 1600s who were English-speaking.

What religion was practice in colonial Massachusetts?

There were various Native American beliefs practiced throughout colonial Massachuesetts. The English settlers practiced Protestant Christianity.

What were The effects of the ulster plantation?

New Laws ; English judges brought in common law New Settlers ; by 1640 English and Scottish settlers had come to Ulster .Gaelic Irish people remained farming the land but very few owned any land. New Religions; Most settlers were Protestant Scottish settlers were Presbyterian ( followers of Calvin) and the English settlers were Anglican (church of Ireland) Others are New ways of farming and trading & new towns & new houses ! :):)

Should it be continuous speaking English or continuously speaking English?

Use continuously speaking English

How you learn speaking English?

"English speaking course in Chandigarh by English-Pro.iN which provides English speaking training in Chandigarh. call 9914641983 to join English classes."

French Protestant settlers in South Carolina colony?

South Carolina

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