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The party with the second most votes or the runner up as it would seem, becomes the Opposition party. It is their responsability to keep the government in check and constantly challenge them to make sure they stay in line. In Canada, it is currently the Liberals that are the opposition party. In the United States, seeing as how there is only two major political parties, the Republicans are currently the oppostion party.

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In the United Kingdom, the Official Opposition is Her Majesty's Most Loyal Opposition. It is typically the second largest political party with Her Majesty's Government as the largest party.

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The party with the second most MP's.

MP is the Member of Parliament *(elected for each from a list of candidates standing for election. General elections happen every five years)*.

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Q: Who are the members of the official opposition?
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Who was the official opposition in Canada in 2009?

The Liberal Party of Canada, led by Michael Ignatieff, was the official opposition in Canada in 2009. The Liberals were the official opposition from 2006 February 6 to 2011 May 2.

Discuss the role of the opposition parties in the British House of Commons?

There are two types of opposition parties in the House of Commons: Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition (sometimes referred to simply as the Official Opposition), and third opposition parties. The Official Opposition is thought of as a "Government-in-waiting", providing an alternative government to take over should the existing Government resign or be dismissed, with the Leader of the Official Opposition being an alternative prime minister.Third opposition parties are also responsible for holding the Government accountable, but are generally not thought of as a viable alternative government, and rarely have as much pre-eminence in Parliament as do the Official Opposition. (For example, the Official Opposition receives more time during question period than do the third opposition parties.)

What party frorms the official opposition in Britain?

The Labour Party is the official opposition party to the Conservative/Liberal Democrat coalition government.

How is a opposition chosen?

In a Parliamentary system, the Official Opposition is the second largest party in Parliament.

Who is Canada's Official Opposition?

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Who is the official opposition of Ontario?

bob runciman

How many seats does the official opposition hold?

The Republican opposition in Congress is currently the majority. The official opposition holds over 225 seats, as opposed to the Senate in which case the Democrats hold the majority of the 100 Senate seats.

What was the one thing that united all members of the new Whig party was opposition to?

The initial issue uniting members of the new Whig Party was the opposition to Jackson

What party forms the official opposition in Ottawa?


Which party is the official opposition party of Quebec?

Parti québécois

Who is the leader of the official opposition at the federal level?

justin trudeo

How many government and opposition members are in the house of Parliament?

The lower house contains 150 members