Who are the models in the current Venus Swimwear Catalogs?

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Not sure when this was posted but current models for 2007 are: Carla Ossa (swim & fashion), Jessiqa Pace (swim), Rachel Reynolds (swim), Karen Carreno (swim & fashion), Bree Condon (swim & fashion) and Angela Marcello (fashion)
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Where can you find old Venus catalog archive my girlfriend was a swimsuit model in old catalog cant find any info?

Do you have the year that she modeled?. I would start with the Marketing Director. They keep old catalogs to refer to and are most likely to have multiple copies of the catal

What are the requirements to become a catalog model?

In general, the requirements can vary but the most common requirements to become a catalog model are as follows: Height : 5'5" or taller Weight : varies but must be prop

Which model turned swimwear designer was recently profiled for Elle?

The model turned swimwear designer who was recently profiled for Elle Magazine is Tori Praver. She was photographed by Kayt Jones. The issue that you can see Tori Praver in is

How tall do you have to be to be a swimwear model?

In general swimwear modeling doesn't have height requirements, just a specific body type is needed, which varies from designer/brand. However, if you are trying to model for a

What is web catalog revenue models?

A revenue model of selling goods and services on the web wherin the seller establishes a brand image that conveys quality and uses the strength of that image to sell through c
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Where can one find voucher codes for Venus Swimwear?

There are several websites where someone can find voucher codes for Venus swimwear. A few of those are retailmenot (which seems to be a popular one), ndpromocodes and angry co