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The parties that are interested by accounting data of business are Accountants and auditors.

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Q: Who are the parties interested by accounting data of business?
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Who are the parties interested in the accounting data?

Usually the accounting department is the main department that looks at the accounting data. Depending on the size of the organization the amount of people looking at the data will vary. Of course, the IRS will be interested into the accounting data. Payroll will be interested in the date. The CEOs or top leaders will be interested in this date. Marketing will sometimes be interested in sections of the data. It all varies depending on the size and structure of the organization.

Why direct and indirect users of accounting interested in the data?

to know the business performance. to consider whether to invest or not

What are the various limitations of business accounting data?

I would like to know what the limitations of business and accounting data is? I would like to know Accounting as a language of business suffers from which serious limitations?

How is accounting data used to make business decisions?

utilize accounting data as .... basis for making business decisions ... Accounting is used to help corporations make economically useful decisions. ... that support the business functions of accounting, financing, marketing . ... The two that we deal with decisions made regarding accounting practices and . ...

Why must accounting data be classified and summarized?

This is the whole purpose of accounting. Data and financial information needs to be classified, summarized, recorded, interpreted and communicated to owners, managers and other interested parties, to make sure all the bookkeeping is lined up and being sent to the right places.

What is semantic approach in theory of accounting?

Semantic approach in theory of accounting is referring to data analysis and transmission of data between two parties either independently or corporately.

Relationship between cost accounting and management accounting?

cost accounting is the financial status\data (money) that represents in the business...........whereas managemant accounting deals with the management and the organizing structure of the business.

What is the name of the process of recording business financial data?


Users of accounting data?

Users of accounting data include shareholders, potential investors and suppliers. All of these shareholders want to make sure that the business is profitable before they do business with the company.

What is business data processing and scientific data processing?

Business Data Processing (BDP): Data processing in accounting or business management Scientific Data Processing (SDP): Data processing in experiments, or computations using data collected from such activities.

Does accounting fall in the business primary occupation?

Partially accounting fall under the business primary occupation also we can say accounting is "the language of business". Accounting is an essential business function that involves recording transactions, summarizing data, and then reporting and analyzing the results on a periodic basis.

How accounting provide relevant data?

Accounting provides the business with data such as debt, growth of the company and the effect of added investment. Accounting data can allow the decision makers in a company to make decisions that will not endanger the financial direction of the company.

What 2 ways is accounting data used to make business decision?

accounting data is used to determind a company's financial status, and also to execute systematic reports of financial transactions

How does accounting provide relevant data to users?

Accounting is a way to provide a systematic data about any company's statements and expenses. due to its consecutive and systematic entries it provides a relevant data. Internal users need to understand accounting data in order to measure the economic performance of businesses and to make business decisions

How you can explain accounting is an information system?

Accounting is an information system for measuring, processing and communicating information that is useful in making economic decision. Every business is conducted to make profit. Accounting knowledge is there to assist the business man to assess whether the business is making profit or loss. In accounting brings discipline on how to source money, how to spend and how much to save. Accounting ensures consistency in the treatment of various transactions. Accounting involves gathering of financial data, recording classifying, summarizing and communicate the results to the owners of the business, or to others allowed to receive this information. Accounting should not be confused with Book keeping as Book keeping is the part of accounting concerned with recording of financial data. Book keeping is the process of recording data relating to accounting transactions in the books of accounts.

1 business data processing and scientific data processing definitions?

business data processing: accounting, billing, inventory management, etc.scientific data processing: analysis of experimental data, simulation and modeling of physical systems, experimental data collection, etc.

What is the features of accounting software?

As we know that the accounting is the head of every business, it has the following featuresEase of maintaining the books of accountingSpeed of data retrivingMore accurecySecurity reasons

What is an accounting machine?

Before the days of automatic calculation, an accounting machine was a business machine using keys or stored data which tabulates, adds, subtracts, and totals.

What is Financial accounting data?

what is financial accounting?

What are the purposes of accounting information?

The purpose of accounting information is to provide financial data that will serve as a basis for future decisions. This information is commonly used by business owners and shareholders.


Business accounting software can help you save time and money by simplifying your small business accounting tasks. Automating financial functions of your business with software allows your business to run smoother and grow faster.

What has the author E C Oliver written?

E. C Oliver has written: 'Data processing' -- subject(s): Data processing, Accounting, Computers, Business

How does cost accounting connect with financial accounting and management accounting?

Management accounting gathered data or information from cost accounting and financial accounting. After that, it analyzes and interprets the data to prepare reports and provide necessary information to the management.

What has the author Clarence B Randall written?

Clarence B. Randall has written: 'Systems & procedures for business data processing' -- subject(s): Accounting, Data processing

What is the flow of data in a computerized accounting information system?

what is the flow of data in a computerized accounting information system