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In order according to when the character first introduced. Main characters are in bold. * Joseph Balicki * Margrit Balicki * Ruth Balicki * Edek Balicki * Bronia Balicki may not be classified as a main character by some as she did not really participate * Jan * Old Man * Old Woman * Mrs. Krause * Dr. Frank * Margrit's Parents * Russian Marshal Rokossovsky * General Bor * Prime Minister Winston Churchill * Joseph Stalin * Yankel * Eva * Jimpy (Jan's Pet friend, a cockeral) * Jan's pet cat * Jan's/Kurt's dog * Ivan the Sentry * Captain Greenwood * Mr and Mrs Wolff * Ludwig (Jan's other Pet friend, a mongrel dog owned by Mr and Mrs Wolff) * The Burgomaster * Joe Wolski

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The Silver Sword characters are Ruth, Edek, Jan, and Bronia Balicki, who are siblings trying to survive during World War II. They are separated from their parents and endure various hardships in their quest to reunite and escape war-torn Europe. The book "The Silver Sword" by Ian Serraillier follows their journey and resilience in the face of adversity.

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Q: Who are the silver sword characters?
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The ISBN of The Silver Sword is 0224606778.

Who is the author of the silver sword?

Ian Serraillier wrote The Silver Sword.

When was The Silver Sword created?

The Silver Sword was created in 1956-12.

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Mr. and Mrs. Wolff are characters in the novel "The Silver Sword" by Ian Serraillier. They are a German couple who take in the Balicki children after they escape from a concentration camp during World War II. Mr. Wolff is a kind man who helps the children on their journey to find their parents.