Who are the traditional allies and enemies in Venezuela?

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United States, Peru, India, China, South Africa and Sweden
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What are the enemies and allies of Liberia?

Answer . \nThat depends on what you mean with enemies and allies, and when. \n. \nTraditionally, Liberia has felt closely connected to the US. However, when the Liberian Civil War started the US was not interested in getting involved. \n. \nLiberia also has close ties to all its neighbours. In ( Full Answer )

Who are Germany's allies and enemies in 2005?

Germany Now You ask the question as if Germany were still at war in 2005. I find that very odd. Germany is a member of NATO and of the European Union, so it has plenty of allies and trading partners. There is some anti-German feeling in many countries, and especially among some younger (!) people i ( Full Answer )

Who are currently the allies and enemies of China?

China's allies: Russia (Nuclear and world Power) SCO (Strategically in Central Asia) Burma (strategic Asian ally) Venezuela (Latin American strategic ally) Zimbabwe (Strategic African ally) Pakistan (Major partner and Nuclear power) Iran (Middle eastern ally and regional power) Cuba (Latin American ( Full Answer )

Who are allies with Italy and who is their enemies?

Italy is a member of the European Union, The North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and the United Nations, and has numerous pacts and treaties with countries around the globe. It is not (to my knowledge) currently engaged in diplomatic disputes with any nation. If you mean allies and enemies in the ( Full Answer )

Who are the enemies and allies of Russia?

allies are: china itself n.Korea many Arab countries (Israel not included) nothern Africa eastern Africa (aided Somalia in many wars but not Ethiopia) eastern Europe UK other African and latin countries . USA sometimes enemies: USA sometimes ISREAL Germany France UK so ( Full Answer )

Did the Vikings have enemies and allies?

The vikings were not a collective whole. There were Norwegians, Icelanders, Danish, and many others. Some were allied with each other, some were enemies of each other. Egil Skalagrimson who was known to have gone aviking was the enemy of the King of Norway, for example.

What are Indonesia's allies and enemies?

A very important allie at Indonesia its the Netherlands, because it was the country who conquer them, some Dutch countries and their normal import and export partners, like, Japan, Singapore, US, China, south Korea, Taiwan and Malaysia. That's all I got people!!!!! sorry!!! for more info about Indon ( Full Answer )

Who were Canada's allies and enemies in WW1?

Canada was on the triple entente. There allies were Russia, France,England, and Canada. There enemies were apart of the triplealliance and they were Germany, Austria Hungary, and Italy.

Who are Israel's allies and enemies?

Israel's single most reliable ally is the US. It has had throughout the years different allies (such as France, Turkey) but has been in recent years isolated over see its policy in Gaza and what many in the world consider unjustifiable use of force. As to enemies, the situation is quite complex. I ( Full Answer )

Who are Russia's allies and enemies?

India is the closest ally of Russia.....and the fastest growing ally. Even when the India governement begs from US, almost 50% Indians considers russia as their closest friend ! Hats off to India - Russia relarions !

What was the us allies and enemies?

The answer for this question is in your borring class text book. The answer for this question is in your borring class text book

Allies and enemies of the cold war?

Some of the allies in the cold war included USA, Britain and someIsland countries surrounding USA. Some enemies of these alliesincluded Russia or USSR and Korea.

What are Mexicos current allies and enemies?

You should note that when international politics and diplomacy are involved, there are no real friends but different countries with common or diverging interests that more often than not, end up in 'friendly rivalries', contempt or even outright war. With that in mind, the closest countries to Me ( Full Answer )

Who are the current enemies and allies of Spain?

Spain's most common allies are: Germany, France, The United Kingdom, Portugal, Italy and Ireland. Spain's known 'enemies' or hostile-considered countries are: Israel, Gibraltar and Argentina.

What is the traditional dress in Venezuela?

For work, school, play and everyday life, people dress just like in the US. But the folkloric tradition is as follows: . The most common for men is the "Liquiliqui" . . . an all-white suit-like, with a high neckline. Search Simon Diaz, he is almost always dressed this way in formal pictures. A va ( Full Answer )

Who are Nicaragua's allies and enemies?

Well, I'm researching Nicaragua for school and from what I can see, Nicaragua's main enemy is the USA, although whether you could really call them enemies is debatable, but there are definitely huge tensions there. Daniel Ortega did make a pact with Iran and Venezuela and their allies, agreeing for ( Full Answer )

What is the traditional dress of Venezuela?

for women it is a bright colorful skirt, men a high necked white suit with a triangular scarf folded front and back over the neck, usually a bright color.

What is the traditional clothing of Venezuela?

para las mujeres es un vestido o una blusa y falda. Para los hombres, normalmente llevando un traje blanco. Spanish to English translation: For women it's a dress or a blouse and a skirt. For men, normally they wear a white suit.

Who are the allies and enemies of Singapore?

Singapore and russia are very close allies, they have an okay relationships with most other countries. However they have a grudge against the U.S.A and in retaliation singapoe send terrorist to America.

Who are japans allies and enemies?

During WW2; Germany, Japan and Italy verses the world. they were Mexico and Africa because japaneze like blacks...and Mexicans...and burritos and especially black Mexicans... and some Jews... and they crave over black Mexican Jews... yum...some country

Who are Malaysia's allies and enemies?

Malaysia's ally is the United States of America; it has no enemies. Ok, this is a person IMPROVING your answer, and malaysia DOES have enemies, i dont know who, but EVERYONE has enemies!!!

Who are Lithuania allies and enemies?

Right now? None :D. Lithuania is the part of NATO and EU, so, having enemies would suck for them. But, sometimes, there's some economical stuff happening with Russia, but it's not a big deal.

What is nigeria's enemies and allies?

their allies are mostly great britain and united states of america! I am sorry but i dont have anything on their enemies! Im still trying to find it so good luck! hope this worked!

Who are Ethiopia's allies and enemies?

Ethiopian Allies would be U.S, U.K, Anyone part of the EU, India, China Not exactly enemies but people who they dont really like would be Soviet Union

Is Norway an ally or enemy of the US?

They are both a part of NATO which makes them allied. actually the us is not a member of nato but they are still allys

What are traditional crafts in Venezuela?

Specializing in Hand Made Treasures from Around the World Andes Mountains Featured Artists . Beatriz Buceta is a very talented ceramics artist living in the Andes mountains. She originally came to Venezuela from Argentina, when Venezuela was the land of promise due to their oil fields. Unfo ( Full Answer )

What traditions does Venezuela have?

The traditons venezuela had was the same traditions as puerto rican people they have. presidents day , halloween , christmas , el dia de los muertos and a lot of more stuff

Is Mexico an ally or an enemy to the US?

You should note that when international politics and diplomacy are involved, there are no real friends but different countries with common or diverging interests that more often than not, end up in 'friendly rivalries', contempt or even outright war. That being said, it is neither. It is not ally ( Full Answer )

Who are the allies and enemies of Israel?

Israel's has most of its allies in North and South America, Europe, and Oceania. Its most prominent allies, however, include: USA, Germany, Australia, Singapore, and Canada. Also, India is also notably becoming more supportive of Israel recently. However, Israel also has its enemies, which are mo ( Full Answer )

Who are denmarks allies and enemies?

Allies: As a Western country, Denmark is alligned with Western countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Japan, and with traditional Western allies such as Saudi Arabia. Enemies: It's very hard to point out "enemies", but they would be countries such as Iran, Nor ( Full Answer )

Is Spain an allie or an enemy of the US?

spain is a great allie. spain is part of nato as the united states is. spain is a powerful allie as well being the 29th strongest country in the world. it is in europe were most usa allies are. they do trade.

Who are currently the allies and enemies of the US?

You should note that when international politics and diplomacy are involved, there are no real friends but different countries with common or diverging interests that more often than not, end up in 'friendly rivalries', contempt or even outright war.

Are Canada and US allies or enemies and why?

Canada and the US are allies. Since the War of 1812, they have been supporting each other. The border between the two countries is the largest un-guarded boarder in the world.

What is Greenland's allies and enemies?

Greenland is formally a part of Denmark, and today they don't really have any particular enemies. Denmark is a member of NATO, which makes all NATO members allies to Greenland as well.

Who are England's allies and enemies?

England is part of the United Kingdom, along with Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The UK is a member country of NATO, so enemies of NATO are also enemies of the UK.

Does Brazil Have any allies and enemies?

Brazil has no enemies, because unlike Japan or so, Brazil is full of different nationalities, so it can´t have enemies with those countries. But it does have allies => the United States, England, Australia, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, and Spain

Who are the enemies and allies of the UAE?

UAE concentrates more on trade and not war but like every othercountry it has its allies and enemies.UAE's allies areUSA,Saudi,Qatar,Egypt etc. But its only enemy is Iran but Iran isalso one of their biggest traders.

Is Mexico an ally or an enemy of Canada?

Mexico and Canada have generally friendly relations, are participants in several treaties (including North American Free Trade) and are both members of the Pan American Union. Whether that makes them allies or not, they are certainly not enemies.

Who are Scotland's allies and enemies?

Scotland is part of the United Kingdom which is a NATO alliance member. Scotland has no specific enemies other than potential NATO enemies.